The North Shore Sporting Car Club was created in December of 1952 by a small band of die hard rally fans. In 1950’s Australia, European rally events were not televised and as such were imported on video reel for watching by club members 4 months after events were held. In these early days, club meetings were often held at members houses, carparks and any open space where members and guests could admire and enjoy one another’s ‘rally spec’ vehicles. It was not uncommon for members cars to be parked in a circle with headlights switched on to provide illumination for rally-focused banter.

64 years later and the club has grown from this small group to over 500 members. We are responsible for organising 10 events per year, covering dirt, tarmac and other timed rally-type events. Club members are from all over Sydney with a myriad of cars in varying shapes and sizes. One common theme however is the passion of the members and the legacy of club.

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