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This is simple guide on the relevant licencing, membership and event entry requirements to become an amateur ‘Rally Driver’ through the North Shore Sporting Car Club.

If you would like further assistance or guidance, head to our contact us page and get in touch with any committee member. We will be glad to assist.


  1. Go to the NSSCC website ( and click on the first blue tile which is titled ‘Become a NSSCC member’ – note that club membership is required for CAMS membership and licences
  2. Select membership type (Junior, Single, Double or Family) and complete the form
  3. Go to the CAMS website ( and click on ‘new to CAMS? Register here
  4. Click next and complete the registration form
  5. Use the provided registration details to login to the CAMS portal
  6. There are several options for CAMS licences, if you are not sure at any time, please contact the club via the link on our web site or the Facebook chat option
  7. Navigate to complete online Level 2 Speed (L2S) application form and complete – note that juniors will be guided to download and complete the manual Level 2 Speed (L2S) application form that can be found here

At this point you have all of the relevant documentation to enter into an event of your choice.

  1. Return to NSSCC website and click on the second tile titled ‘Register for an Event
  2. Select from the list of currently available events – if no events are currently open then this will take you back to the membership type menu
  3. Complete the online form for the event which you have selected
  4. Check the supplementary regulations of the event for a guide on what you need and how to prepare your car. This generally includes:
    1. Minimum 1 x 2L or 2 x 1L fire extinguishers within reach of driver
    2. Helmets that comply with FIA regulations
    3. General roadworthiness of vehicle
  5. Take your car and apparel to a CAMS scrutineer (some events have scrutiny at the event on the day, check with the club or event details first) – a list of current scrutineers can be found here
  6. Attend the event with your membership details, CAMS licence, scrutineering forms and enjoy!


These instructions cover Tarmac Rallysprint, Khanacross and other entry level events. Additional information about CAMS and other licence types required for more advanced events can be found here