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North Shore Sporting Car Club

NSSCC e-Sports Dirt Rally 2.0 Series


Join the fastest growing sporting events in the world… e-Sports. That’s right, when you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t race! So join the NSSCC e-Sports Dirt Rally series, hone your skills and RACE!


Round 1 Rally New Zealand – NR4/R4 Class Cars 14th of May to 28th May

Round 2 Rally Spain – Group A 11th of June to 25th of June

Round 3 Rally Monaco (DLC Required) – R5 Class Cars 9th of July to 23rd of July

Round 4 Rally Finland (DLC Required) – NR4/R4 13th of August to 27th of August

Round 5 Rally Australia – R5 Class Cars 10th of September to 24th of September

Round 6 Rally USA – Group A 8th of October to 22nd of October

Round 7 Rally Poland – Up to 2000cc (4WD) 10th of November to 24th of November

Round 8 Surprise Rally – Surprise Class 10th of December to 24th of December

Come join us

Get the Game

To enter, purchase the leading rally game Dirt 2.0 on your PC, Mac, Xbox or PlayStation platform. Once you have the game... GET READY TO RALLY! Next, join the Club series.

Get the Game


Send your racenet username, real name, and NSSCC club ID number to
We will then grant you access to the Club page after which you will be able to join in the competition via the game portal. We will grant access every Monday

Send your details
Join our discord server for more information

Series Points

For each rally, points will be awarded after each event, taking into account general classification according to the following scale:
• 1st: 25 points
• 2nd: 18 points
• 3rd: 15 points
• 4th: 12 points
• 5th: 10 points
• 6th: 8 points
• 7th: 6 points
• 8th: 4 points
• 9th: 2 points
• 10th: 1 point

Power Stage (Final Stage)
• 1st: 3 points
• 2nd: 2 points
• 3rd: 1 point

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Send us an enquiry or contact our event director by emailing