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The NSSCC club is registered for the RMS Historic Club Vehicle registration scheme. It is available for cars that are largely unmodified, are 30 years or older and are owned by a member of the Club ( you must be financial and maintain your membership, if not the registration is void).

If you are interested then you will need to:

– Obtain an independent pink slip from a vehicle inspection supplier
– Contact our club historic registrar Shaun Atkinson on 0425 250 613 or via email to arrange an inspection by him which will cost you $90
– Once he is satisfied that the car meets the criteria and is safe he will sign off the documentation
– You then take the forms along with the pink slip and club membership to an RMS or Service NSW centre and apply for Historic Rego
– They will supply the number plates and a registration sticker for display on the car
– There are strict requirements for usage on the normal regular Historic Rego scheme which you can see here:…/get-nsw-regi…/historic-vehicles/
– The new logbook trial is currently underway and under strict conditions will allow you to use the vehicle for up to 60 days and you can see the details here:…/historic-v…/log-book-trial.html…