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2021/22 Dates

Round 1
Thursday, October 14, 2021
Round 2
Thursday, November 18, 2021
Round 3
Thursday, December 16, 2021
Round 4
Thursday, February 10, 2022
Round 5
Thursday, March 10, 2022


On behalf of NSSCC we welcome your participation at this seasons Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint 2020/21.


This event reflects several more NEW updates based on feedback from previous years events as well as the impact from the COVID pandemic:

  • Single drive entry option.
  • Revised track layouts – more changes for this season.
  • Keep reading for more benefits.


As the event director leading a motivated team of volunteers, I have implemented as much as we can based on feedback from you, our customers.

This STILL is the closest tarmac rally event to Sydney, giving you reduced travel costs to get to and from the venue, as well as a fun location for servicing your car.

We look forward to you joining us this summer.


The roads are a mix of fast, slow and challenging sections suiting all cars. 100% of the course is smooth asphalt. Here is a YouTube clip of the type of roads you can expect: and


This year again, awesome media packages are available to purchase when you enter the event. The media packages will feature footage of your vehicle and various levels of packages are available. Find out more information below on the vidoe packages and last year’s event PR Media Guide.

Above all, we want you to leave with a smile!

Brett Middleton – Clerk of Course

A fresh concept in rallying

Watch the introduction video on how you can enter in your road car, and be safer and have more fun than you thought!

The Concept

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Event Documents:

2020/2021 Round 1 FINAL Results
17th November 2020

Click to Download

2020/2021 Round 2 FINAL Results
1st December 2020

Click to Download

2020/2021 Round 3 FINAL Results
10th December 2020

Click to Download

2020/2021 Round 4 FINAL Results
11th February 2021

Click to Download

2020/2021 Round 5 FINAL Results
11th March 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a comprehensive list of common quesitons.

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Become an Official

Grab your own spectator point, contribute to the rally community and earn free membership at one of Sydney's oldest and largest clubs!

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2020/2021 Video Packages

Play Video

See an example here



  • Raw unedited footage compiled from ONE round of the Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint Series.


Fully edited feature video with music soundtrack from all ONE round of the Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint Series.


  • Fully edited feature video with music soundtrack from ONE round of the Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint Series.
  • Includes team provided on-board footage and driver/co-driver interview.

All video packages include:

  • Approximately 10 separate shots from cameras around the course at each round
  • Provided as an MP4 Video file in High Quality 1920×1080 HD format
  • Uploaded to a Google drive for easy download


Brett Middleton

Event Director/Clerk of the Course

Mobile 0408 261 043

Angus Fraser

Angus Fraser

Assistant Clerk of the Course

Mobile 0407 209 245

Adriana Pallister

Event Secretary

Mobile 0418 611 224

Andrew Benefield

Officials Coordinator

Mobile 0413 389 500

Ian Bigg

Ian Bigg



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