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The North Shore Sporting Car Club, established in December 1952 by a small group of rally enthusiasts, has a vibrant history spanning over seven decades. Originally convening in informal locations like members’ houses and carparks, the club has grown significantly over the years, now boasting a membership hovering around 500 passionate individuals.

Under the stewardship of current president Brett Middleton, the club has continued to thrive and evolve. Despite its modest beginnings, the club now organizes ten events annually, encompassing various rally-type competitions on both dirt and tarmac surfaces. Members hail from all corners of Sydney, bringing with them a diverse array of vehicles, but they all share a common dedication to the sport and a commitment to the club’s legacy.

In light of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the executive committee made the decision to postpone the celebration of the club’s 70th anniversary. Instead, the club now aims to celebrate its 75th anniversary in the near future.

In February 2014, the club celebrated its 60th anniversary with a memorable event held at Sydney’s St Ives Showground. Although the celebration occurred two years later than planned, it was a grand affair attended by nearly 100 people. The Pickering Pavilion was transformed into a nostalgic tribute to the club’s history, with cars representing each decade on display.

Club president Jon Thomson led the evening’s festivities, which included interviews with past members such as Geoff Adams and James Laing Peach, who shared anecdotes from the club’s earlier days. The event also featured notable figures like Dakar hero Bruce Garland and European Ladies Rally Champion Molly Taylor, highlighting the impact of club motor sport on their careers.

A highlight of the celebration was a video presentation by renowned cinematographer and club member Rod Turnbull, showcasing the evolution of club motor sport over the past six decades. The night was filled with camaraderie, nostalgia, and entertainment, with live music from the band ‘Nostalgia as Anything’ adding to the festive atmosphere.

Looking ahead, the club remains committed to its mission of fostering a community of passionate motor sport enthusiasts. As plans for the 75th anniversary celebration take shape, members eagerly anticipate coming together once again to honour the club’s rich history and achievements.

Updated: April 2024