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The NSSCC Committee have recently developed the refreshed Club Charter / Mission and Pillars. The intention of this document is to provide members with clear understanding of where the Club is headed into the future and for the Committee to use as a guide to steer Club decisions:

Club Motto: ‘Passionate about motorsport since 1952’.

Charter / Mission:

Sydney’s North Shore Sporting Car Club is one of Australia’s largest, most passionate and active motorsport clubs, primarily (but not exclusively) involved with gravel and tarmac rally-based competition. The Club organises a wide range of events, actively encouraging member participation and maintaining strong relationships with other motorsport clubs and associations.
Our mission is to encourage enthusiastic participation in the Club’s activities, including contesting, organising and officiating at motorsport events of all types in an enjoyable, friendly and supportive environment.

Pillars of support:


Maintaining the Club’s excellent reputation within our sport through:

  • Organising a diverse range of events
  • Assisting other clubs in organising events
  • Sound, responsible club management
  • Representation of our members on Motorsport Australia boards and panels


  • Encouraging new memberships
  • Developing member skills in competition, organisation, administration and officiating


  • Encouraging social interaction inside and outside of motorsport
  • Maintaining excellent relationships with relevant authorities, communities and stakeholders


  • Developing new and exciting events
  • Using contemporary means of communication
  • Enthusiastically promoting the Club, its events and developing innovative promotional and sponsorship opportunities


  • Organise a gravel rally at Batemans Bay, with multi-tiered entry opportunities (from state championship to beginners)
  • Organise a round of the Development Rally Series at Jenolan, as a feeder for junior-level teams
  • Organise a series of five Summer Twilight Tarmac Rally Sprints at Eastern Creek to create a tarmac event experience
  • Organise a State Championship gravel rally sprint at Eastern Creek to allow local low cost entries
  • Organise two Khanacross events at Eastern Creek to encourage junior drivers and teach driver safety


  • Maintain a level of membership of 400 or more that sustains the club’s activities both financially and organisationally
  • Continually encourage and actively promote new, individual, family and junior memberships
  • Maintain great communication (monthly) with the club’s members and prospective members
  • Maintain a culture of enjoyment, with members proud to promote the club


  • Maintain an enthusiastic, strong and responsible management committee
  • Maintain the financial viability of the club through sound management of the club’s activities.
  • Have club members represented on the Motorsport Australia State Executive and the Motorsport Australia State Rally Panel

Published Date: 15th May 2021