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The Lazer Rally of the Bay will include a Regularity Rally – but what is it?

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Would you like the opportunity to spend a weekend in the beautiful town of Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast surrounded by many of the states fastest rally car drivers and their amazing cars … and driving your car on the same closed roads?

The North Shore Sporting Car Club will be running a Motorsport Australia permitted Regularity Rally as part of the 2024 Lazer Rally of the Bay on Saturday 27th July 2024.

This competition, the Bay Meander, presents an opportunity for people to “try” 8 stages of gravel rallying based on the event roadbook without requiring much more than a road registered vehicle, basic apparel, and a Motorsport Australia Speed licence (which needs to be arranged BEFORE the event!)

How does the event work?

This event is all about having the opportunity to drive on roads that are closed to the public so you can use the full width of the available road, preferably without going outside the lines.  Of course, not having all the safety equipment and car modifications that go into a full rally car means the organisers have to manage aspects like maximum speeds.

The event sets a target time that the crew has to try and ‘match’ as closely as possible.  Differences between your time and the target time earn you ‘points’ (the winner of the event will be the crew with lowest number of points).

5 points are allocated for each second ‘less’ than the target and 1 point for each second ‘over’.  If you are more than a minute under you will earn a “strike” – 3 strikes will mean it is time to pack up & go home.

The target times will be set to require an average speed of no more than 70km/h (some stages might have lower average speeds set), you cannot stop or drive under 20km/h, and you must not go over 110km/h.

How will we know your speed?

Every car in the Rally of the Bay has to fit a RallySafe tracking unit that, as well as letting us see where you are and respond if there are any issues, reports vehicle speed during the event.  While you would normally need to have a RallySafe fitting kit installed before the event these do have some parts that need to be attached to the outside of the car so you will be able to hire a suction cup mounting bracket/antenna/power lead if preferred.

What do you need to have?

A car – well that’s pretty obvious but it does need to have:

  • Registration of some type to allow it to drive on public roads.
  • 3rd Party Insurance.
  • A solid permanent roof structure.
  • Working lights (it will be dark by the time you finish the 8 stages).
  • A reasonable amount of ground clearance (you will be driving on gravel forest roads and they are not as smooth as your local road!) and there is at least one creek crossing …
  • A first aid kit as per the Rally Standing Regulations – Vehicles General (RSR-VG) section 5.3.
  • 2 seatbelt cutter/window tools; and
  • A well mounted minimum 2kg hand held extinguisher.


  • Both members of the crew must have at least a Motorsport Australia Speed Licence.
  • The driver must have a suitable licence to drive on public roads.

Safety equipment, at a minimum:

  • A safety helmet that meets the Motorsport Australia Level B standard (AS/NZS 1698 standard and above).
  • Clothing from ankles to neck to wrists. Clothing of flammable synthetic material, such as nylon, is not acceptable.
  • Shoes with leather uppers that cover the foot. Shoes which have a leather upper but which include elasticised ankle regions are acceptable (e.g. elastic-sided work boots.

How much will this cost?

The entry fee for this part of the event is great value at just $450 (a third of the “full event” entry fee, and just under half of the Clubman event – which runs on the same 8 stages).  If you need to hire the RallySafe kit for the day that will add $35, or you can purchase and fit an install kit BEFORE the event, and, of course, unless you live around the Batemans Bay area you will probably need to find some accommodation for at least the driver, co-driver, and some friends to help with the ‘service’ break.

How long is it?

The total competitive distance for the day is 127km (4 stages, service, repeat 4 stages) with total distance for the day being 269km on what we think are some of the best roads in NSW.

You will NOT be permitted to look at the course prior to the day – you have to compete using only the event official roadbook!

Photo: Roy Meuronen Photography

Find out More:

To find out more, email the Event Secretary at

To Enter the event, visit:

Exciting Auto One Membership Deal!

By News

Auto One Waitara have introduced the ultimate North Shore Sporting Car Club Membership Deal!

Are you a car enthusiast looking for exclusive perks and rewards? Look no further! Join or renew your club membership today and you’ll receive a fantastic $20 gift card to spend at any Auto One store. That means you can upgrade your ride with top-notch accessories, parts, and tools without breaking the bank.

But wait, there’s more! Show your current and active NSSCC membership card at the Waitara store, and you’ll receive a complimentary wash cloth and bucket. Keep your car looking sleek and shiny while enjoying the convenience of a hassle-free car wash.

Also, as an exclusive contact line for NSSCC members, Auto One has created a unique support email for anything automotive, try it out: – Email tech questions and ask about parts availability for almost ANY make or model.

Visit Auto One Waitara at:
80 Pacific Highway, Waitara
Phone: 02 9476 1266

Exciting Khanacross Junior Development Event Comes to Sydney Dragway

By Events, Khanacross, News

Rev up your engines and mark your calendars! On June 15th, 2024, Sydney Dragway is set to host an exhilarating Khanacross Junior Development event.

Khanacross, known for its challenging off-road courses, offers budding motorsport enthusiasts the perfect platform to hone their driving skills and experience the thrill of racing in a safe and controlled environment. This event specifically caters to junior participants, providing them with a unique opportunity to showcase their talent and passion for motorsport.

What sets this event apart is its venue – the renowned Sydney Dragway. To get to the Khanacross grounds, access the venue via the Speedway/Dragway South entrance off Ferrers Road, then turn left at the roundabout and head North, look for the NSSCC signs which will direct you to the new khanacross grounds.

Whether you’re a seasoned driver or a newcomer to the world of motorsport, the Khanacross event at Sydney Dragway promises a fun experience for all.

For more information about the event and to enter visit:

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this action-packed event and witness the future stars of motorsport in action!

Event Clerk of the Course – Rhiana Froome:

NSSCC Tarmac Rallysprint Series heats up for the 2024/25 Season as we bid farewell to Whiteline

By News, Tarmac Rallysprint

The 2024/25 NSSCC Tarmac Rallysprint Series dates are locked in for the coming season as North Shore Sporting Car Club bids farewell to Whiteline as the naming rights partner. As we head into the new season, we extend our deepest appreciation for their unwavering support throughout the partnership.

For many years, Whiteline has played a pivotal role in the success and growth of the Series. Their commitment to motorsport excellence and dedication to fostering community engagement have significantly contributed to making each event a resounding success.

Last season witnessed a showcase of extraordinary talent and fierce competition, with drivers from across the Sydney region demonstrating their prowess on the challenging course. Each event was a testament to the determination of competitors, as they navigated the Sydney Dragway roads and conquered the track layout in pursuit of victory.

The success of the Tarmac Rallysprint series was not only measured in thrilling rallying but also in the vibrant sense of community and camaraderie that permeated every event. From seasoned veterans to aspiring newcomers, participants united in their shared love for rallying, fostering an atmosphere of mutual support and celebration throughout the season.

As NSSCC looks ahead to the future of the Tarmac Rallysprint, they are filled with anticipation for the adventures and triumphs that lie ahead. Building upon the momentum of last season’s success, NSSCC are committed to delivering an even more thrilling and unforgettable experience for drivers, spectators, partners, and motorsport enthusiasts alike.

NSSCC looks forward to the continued growth and success of the Tarmac Rallysprint Series starting again in October 2024. Lock in the following event dates so that you don’t miss another exciting series:

  • Round 1 – Thursday 10th October 2024
  • Round 2 – Thursday 14th November 2024
  • Round 3 – Thursday 12th December 2024
  • Round 4 – Tuesday 11th February 2025
  • Round 5 – Tuesday 11th March 2025

Lazer High Performance Lighting Returns as Naming Rights Partner for the 2024 Rally of Bay

By Events, News, Rally of the Bay 2024

The Lazer Rally of Bay, one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the Australian motorsport calendar, is thrilled to announce the return of Lazer High Performance Lighting as the prestigious naming rights partner for the 2024 edition. This marks a continuation of the successful partnership that has elevated the rally to new heights in recent years.

Scheduled for the 27th of July, the Lazer Rally of Bay promises an exhilarating showcase of modern and historic rallying, with participants navigating through the scenic and challenging shire and forestry roads that have defined the event in previous years. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Eurobodalla shire, this year’s rally headquarters will once again be stationed at the Batemans Bay Marina Resort, offering a picturesque setting for both competitors and spectators.

Lazer High Performance Lighting, the leading name in motoring lighting technology, has been an integral part of the Rally of Bay’s success story, and their commitment as the naming rights partner underscores the brand’s dedication to supporting the motorsport community. The partnership continues to enhance the rally’s profile and contribute to the overall excitement surrounding the event.

“We are delighted to have Lazer back as our naming rights partner for the 2024 Rally of Bay,” said Brett Middleton, President of the North Shore Sporting Car Club, the organisation behind the event. “Their unwavering support has been instrumental in the growth and success of the rally, and we are confident that together, we will deliver yet another unforgettable experience for competitors and fans alike.”

The Lazer Rally of Bay has earned a reputation for attracting a diverse and competitive field with a great range of cars from the modern R5 and G4 specification, right through to historic classics like the Ford Escort and Datsun 1600.

Anticipation is already building for the 2024 edition, with a strong field of participants expected to compete in this challenging rally. Motorsport enthusiasts are urged to mark the date on their calendars and witness the thrilling action unfold on the traditional roads of the Eurobodalla shire.


Bethany Cullen and Mel McMinn in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo preparing for the night stages lit with Lazer Hight Performance Lighting.

Redhead Brothers Triumph in 3rd Round of the Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint

By Events, News, Tarmac Rallysprint

The third round of the Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint at Sydney Dragway delivered an exhilarating night of motorsport action, culminating in a well-deserved victory for Josh and Matt Redhead in their formidable Mitsubishi Evo 5.

Facing stiff competition throughout the night, the Redhead brothers showcased their skill and determination, fending off a relentless challenge from runner-up Phil Heafey in the Evo 6. The crowd was treated to a gripping battle between the Evo rivals, with the Redheads ultimately claiming the top spot on the podium.

Tim Weston secured the third-place finish, piloting an Evo 10 and rounding out the impressive lineup of Mitsubishi contenders. The intense competition under the hot and windy conditions added an extra layer of challenge, making the victory even more commendable for the Redheads and their fellow competitors.

One of the standout moments of the night came from Steve Coad, who drove his HQ Monaro all the way from Melbourne to participate in the event. Coad’s dedication to the sport and impressive performance in the iconic Monaro added a unique touch to the rally, highlighting the passion and camaraderie within the motorsport community.

In the 2WD Class, Jack Hills and Louise Taylor dominated the under 2-litre category in their Holden Astra, showcasing their precision and speed. Meanwhile, James Keene and Shane Fowler claimed victory in the over 2-litre class, piloting the nimble Mini Cooper S to success.

Aris Caine emerged triumphant in the Junior category, displaying exceptional talent and promising prospects for the future of rally racing. Dimitri Agathos secured victory in the single-driver category, navigating his Nissan Pulsar with skill and precision throughout the challenging course.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, participants and spectators alike had a fantastic night, celebrating the spirit of rally racing and the diverse range of vehicles on display. The third round of the Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint at Sydney Dragway will be remembered as a thrilling showcase of skill, dedication, and passion for motorsport.

Photo: Roy Meuronen

2023 NSSCC Annual General Meeting

By News

When: From 6pm Monday 11th December 2023, meeting to start at 7:00pm

Where: Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club,17 Ryedale Rd, West Ryde NSW

Have your say in the club’s future – all committee positions are open:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Secretary
  • Up to seven (7) General Committee Members

All financial members over the age of 18 can vote.

Nominations close 5pm 6th December 2023.

Download the Nomination Form


2023/24 WTRS: The Redhead Brothers Triumph in the Mitsubishi Evo V

By News, Tarmac Rallysprint, Wheelspin

Photo: Dave Oliver Photography

The Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint Series, one of the most anticipated motorsport events of the year, opened its 2023 season in spectacular fashion on the evening of October 12th. With a strong 60 car field, the scene was set for a display of skill and speed at the Sydney International Dragway at Eastern Creek, NSW.

The 2023 season’s first round was a night to remember, filled with unexpected twists and heart-pounding action. As the night unfolded, it was the Redhead brothers, Josh and Matt, who emerged as the stars of the event, piloting their Mitsubishi Evo V to a stunning victory.

In a gripping display of precision driving and determination, the Redhead brothers overcame fierce competition to claim the top spot on the podium. Their performance solidifying their status as dominant forces in the Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint.

Securing second place was the dynamic duo of Tim Weston and Jake Hancock, who showcased their driving prowess in a Mitsubishi Evo X and they emerged as formidable contenders for the season ahead.

Rounding out the podium was the team of David Calabria and John Calabria, who steered their Mitsubishi Evo 7 to a well-deserved third-place finish. Their skill and determination under the challenging conditions added to the excitement of the evening.

The Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint also provided a surprise element to the competition. Halfway through the night, a sudden and unexpected freak storm descended upon the raceway, unleashing a deluge of rain and wild winds. This unpredictable weather added an extra layer of challenge and excitement, testing the mettle of the drivers and their machines.

Event Clerk of the Course, Brett Middleton, expressed his admiration for the participating competitors and their ability to adapt to the ever-changing conditions. Brett also praised the North Shore Sporting Car Club volunteer team who braved the wild weather to keep the event running. “I am proud to be a part of the North Shore Sporting Car Club organising team and I thank the volunteers who always go above and beyond to make these events happen,” Brett said, “This is my last Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint event as the Clerk of the Course and I am excited to pass on my skill and knowledge onto the younger generation, particularly Rhiana Froome who will be the new Clerk of the Course from Round 2 and beyond.”

As the first round of the Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint concluded, the stage is now set for a season filled with high-speed thrills and intense competition. Racing enthusiasts eagerly await the next round, set to take place on the 16th November, 2023 where more daring drivers and incredible performances are expected.

Entries are open for all the remaining events of the 2023/24 season:

  • Round 2Thursday 16th November 2023
  • Round 3Thursday 14th December 2023
  • Round 4Thursday 8th February 2024
  • Round 5Thursday 7th March 2024

To Enter the events and for all event information, please visit

Follow us on the NSSCC Social Media pages:






For more information, please contact:

Brett Middleton on 0408 261 043 or email

John McCredie on 0413 042 763 or email


The Dilemma of a Driver Trainer

By Wheelspin

If you are a mechanic, everyone asks that questions, “my car does this thing when it’s cold, what do you think it is?” Or if you are an Accountant, you get the question, “hey, how can I reduce my tax bill?”

As a driver trainer, I often get the question, can my learner driver do your defensive driving program? I am grateful they think of us for starters, but I also know that a defensive program for a learner driver is just too advanced for where they are at. This question comes from a good place, just like anyone talking to a professional, people want the right advice.

As you can appreciate, I find it difficult to switch off, as is my nature I am always thinking of how to improve, how to extend and how to make a bigger difference.

I can be sitting at the traffic lights watching drivers turning in front of me and all I can do is see driving faults. Everyone different and everyone completely avoidable, these observations repeat over and over again to the point where we can see some common patterns.

This leads me to wonder why are there so many drivers making so many mistakes?

It might be their hand position on the wheel, or their visions (we look for this during training), distractions, poor practice, laziness, or simply rushing for no valid purpose.

This past month we have been delivering intensive heavy vehicle driver training to 350 heavy vehicle drivers for a company that is willing to invest in their employees. Chain of Responsibility COR is particularly onerous on anyone who influences the operation of heavy vehicles. Hence their need for an intensive training program.

As part of this program, we have been systematically coaching every driver, from theory to practical on-road training. Early starts, combined with different types of heavy vehicle has allowed us to observe many different driving habits. While most drivers demonstrate a good level of competency that is acceptable, we are still able to impart new ideas, techniques, and strategies to improve driver safety.

One of the main issues we see are outdated steering techniques that simply have gone by the wayside due to modern vehicle technology (airbags and power steering) and a better understanding of driver ergonomics.

But this isn’t the limit of common driving mistakes, back to our traffic watching and we see everything from children in the front passenger’s seat (airbags), to tailgating and everything in between. It seems that roadwork speed limits are just thrown out the window and stopping on the amber light is almost out of fashion.

The problem is how do we improve our drivers? How do we maintain our standards when there are so many problems to fix?

As a driver trainer I know the solutions, but how do we reach everyone? The fact of the matter is our roads are getting busier, drivers are frustrated and largely untrained. This leads to some of the problems we have outlined here.

The 350 drivers we are currently working with are all showing huge signs of improvement with nearly all of them embracing the changes. It’s almost like they are hungry for the information. Perhaps we are filling the void that has been present for so long and like cold air into a warm room that information is all consuming. At least the feedback from these drivers is reflective of an appreciation for the information they have learned.

Training works best when drivers are motivated to learn, and our fear is that the majority of the driving public feel they don’t need to change. We call it being unconsciously incompetent (sounds harsh, doesn’t it?), but the facts remain, we don’t know what we don’t know. How can you possibly know something like your hand being in the wrong position on the steering wheel can cause you terrible facial trauma from the airbag unless you are informed of such things?

Just like a mechanic that laughs at a driver who is unable to change a flat tyre, we tend to shake our heads at drivers that hit potholes, they are completely avoidable and if we are doing everything right should never pose a problem. Driving is risky, it is complicated and there lies the issue.

Authorities have tried to reduce the risks through road improvements and vehicle safety features, but human nature is to always find the path of least resistance, meaning we take shortcuts.

So, while most of you can enjoy your dive to the Hunter Valley or to your favourite holiday destination, spare a thought for us trainers that can never not see the obvious faults in the driving public. In one sense if everyone was perfect, we would be out of a job, but our observations only inspire us to do better and be better at what we do.

Stay safe and take care.

Stewart Nicholls
Managing Director – Steer Safely

2023 Lazer Rally of the Bay – Many Rallies in One

By News, Rally of the Bay 2023

The 2023 Lazer Rally of the Bay was not only a round of the NSW Rally Championship, but it was also a round of the Clubman Rally Series, Hyundai Rally Series, East Coast Classic 2WD Rally Series and East Coast Classic 4WD Rally Series.

The East Coast Classic 2WD Rally Series (ECCRS) attracted 11 classic cars and it was expected that the Ford Escort of Sean McAloon with Muireann Hayes would be the car to beat. But an off-road excursion in the first stage would sideline McAloon. Tom Clarke with co-driver Ryan Preston was McAloon’s biggest competition and Clarke showed form in the Datsun Stanza, winning every stage of the rally.

PJ O’Keefe with Patrick O’Sullivan co-driving placed second in the ECCRS in their Ford Escort and in a Datsun Stanza, Gary Stewart with Stephanie Stewart co-driving finished 3rd.

The Clubman Rally Series caters to the grassroots competitors and attracts a diverse range of participants. The Clubman series section of the rally was called the “Bay Ramble” and featured the first 8 stages of the event. Alexander Neill with Ryan McKinnon co-driving took out the 4WD category in a Subaru WRX and won the “Bay Ramble” event with a convincing lead. Coming in second was Doug Neill with Cath Neill co-driving in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6. In third place was PJ O’Keefe with Patrick O’Sullivan co-driving and they also took out the Clubman Rally Series  2WD category in the Ford Escort.

In the Hyundai Rally Series, the battle was drawn between the Hyundai Excels of Lachlan Moore with Co-driver Paul Baily and John Brophy with co-driver Tierna Lambert. The Hyundai series, like the Clubman Series, was contested over just 8 of the 10 stages and the two drivers scored the same time in the first stage, Dog Trap. Brophy would go on to win the next 5 stages and take a lead of just over a minute. In the penultimate 34km Buckenbowra stage, Moore would take the win by just half a second, and in the last stage Brophy would be on top again to claim the win in the Hyundai Series.