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(Updated 5th Mar 2019 )

When can I enter?

Entries will be open soon. Keep an eye out.


I want to get involved as a volunteer, how do I do that?

As a volunteer, you get a lot of rewards and special access to the rally stages and more. Please register here

I want to get involved as an advertising partner, how do I do that?

As a partner, we can provide a lot of benefits to your company or maybe you want to donate to help the sport. Please contact our Club President here.

Does my turbo car need to have a restrictor to compete?

Yes, all rallies require restrictors.

How do I get scrutineering?

Regional scrutineering must  be done prior so you can get straight into the action Regional Scrutineers

How do I get a start / car number?

Numbers are provided at event documentation.
Sorry, we are unable to guarantee car number.

I don't own a race suit, do I need one?

Depending on the event you enter, best see the supplementary regulations for clothes you can wear.

Will I crash my car?

That is up to you, the course is no different to a suburban street or freeway.

You decide how fast you go.

Do I have to join NSSCC?

You dont, but you do get a discount if you are a NSSCC member

Do I need to have a Co-driver?

Yes, the rules require a passenger.

I cant find a Co driver?

Easy, please enter the event with TBA and secure your spot, we can then help you find a co driver, before the event via PR on the internet.

I have a race car and no passenger seat, can I enter?

No, you really need a rally car based set up

Is there any noise restrictions?

Yes, please see the regs

Can I help promote the event?

Yes, we would love to have you help promote and drive entries for the event. Having more entrants will ensure the event is brought back next year.

Do I need to book accomodation?

No, you can arrive and leave the same day OR Camp at Rally HQ!

Is this event pace noted?

No, this is a blind rally and a detailed road book is provided.

How accurate is the road book?

Very accurate, its been checked by several senior event organisers, PLUS Neal Bates and Coral Taylor.
You can RELY on the road book.

How do I get the discounted entry?

if you register here you can get a DISCOUNT on your entry for every event this year! 

How do I get PR?

As part of your registration for the series, you get involved in PR, such as videos and more.
It’s important you contact the Rally NSW PR team and make your self known and also if you have in car footage that can be used.