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Does my Co-Driver need experience?

No, the course is easy to follow so they can enjoy the ride or give you suggestions! All they need to do is get you to arrive at the start line on time and carry the time card and hand it in at the finish!

REMEMBER this year you can enter with a Driver only (this means though that you will not be included in the results but you will see your stage times at the event).

Does my turbo car need to have a restrictor to compete?

No, restrictors are not compulsory at the event.

How do I get scrutineering?

Scrutineering for the event will follow the Motorsport Australia Return to Race Scrutiny of Vehicles and Apparel Guidelines:

The Scrutineering process will be different for:

  • Vehicles with a Motorsport Australia Log Book
  • Vehicles without a Motorsport Australia Log Book

NOTE: Scrutineering processes may change closer to the event due to changes to the COVID Guidelines.

Please check for any event further regulations and changes.

Scrutineering for Vehicles WITH a Motorsport Australia Log Book:

A vehicle with a Motorsport Australia Log Book does NOT need to be checked by a Scrutineer.

The Competitor must, prior to the event, email the Event Secretary a filled copy of the two approved Self Scrutiny forms found here:

  1. Self-Scrutiny Checklist – Rally Road:
  2. Event Entry Self-Scrutiny – Statement of Vehicle Compliance:

The Competitor must also email the Event Secretary a copy of the Vehicle Log Book including the vehicle details page and the event log.

Spot checks on competing vehicles will be made during the event/s by the Event Scrutineers. The Vehicle Log Book must be ready to be checked at any time during the event/s.

Scrutineering for Vehicles WITHOUT a Motorsport Australia Log Book:

A vehicle without a Motorsport Australia Log Book will need to be checked by an approved Motorsport Australia Rally Scrutineer. There are two options for Scrutineering:

1.Regional Scrutineering:

Competitors are requested to have their vehicles scrutineered by a Motorsport Australia Regional Rally Scrutineer in the 2 weeks prior to the event. The list of Regional Rally Scrutineers is available at

The competitor must email the Event Secretary at to get a copy of the Event Scrutineering Form prior to attending regional scrutineering. If the correct form is not used, the vehicle will need to be re-scrutineered at the event.The Competitor is to fully fill out the form prior to visiting the Scrutineer (the Scrutineer will ONLY sign the form).

The Scrutineer will perform a non-contact walkaround of the vehicle and check of apparel compliance. If satisfied, the Scrutineer will sign the Event Scrutineering Form by using Covid safe hygiene practices and return the form to the competitor. The completed form is to be emailed by the Competitor to the Event Secretary prior to the event.

It is recommended that regional scrutiny be utilised where possible to reduce demand at the venue on the date of the event.

2.Event Venue Scrutineering:

Event Venue Scrutineering is available at the Sydney International Dragway Scrutiny Bays on the Eastern (dragstrip) side of Rally HQ (Blue Building). See Appendix A location map for details. Event Venue Scrutineering is available between 1500hrs and 1715hrs on the day of the event.

There is limited time for Event Venue Scrutineering.

To be eligible for scrutineering at the event YOU MUST email the Event Secretary at to book an allocated time. YOU CAN NOT JUST ARRIVE AT THE EVENT for Scrutineering without first contacting the Event Secretary. Bookings for Scrutineering will be closed once entries close for each event.

Once you have booked a time for Event Venue Scrutineering, the Event Secretary will email a copy of the Event Scrutineering Form. The Competitor is to bring a fully completed form to the event to present to the Scrutineer (the Scrutineer will ONLY sign the form). NOTE: No printed forms will be available at the event.

It is the Competitors responsibility to present their vehicle to the Scrutineer in a timely manner to ensure that enough time is allowed for the vehicle to be checked for compliance. It is recommended crew arrive early, as it’s expected to be busy and delays will occur.

The Scrutineer will perform a non-contact walkaround of the vehicle and check of apparel compliance. If satisfied, the Scrutineer will sign the Event Scrutineering Form by using Covid safe hygiene practices. The  Competitor will need to present the form at Event Documentation.

How do I get a start/car number?

Every event has new car numbers that we provide at event documentation. You will be notified of your car number the day before each event when the Seeded Entry List is published (keep checking the website to download the list)

The numbers are based on single or dual entries as well as shared Drivers and Co-Drivers.

This is not a 100% seeded field as we also often group cars together based on model and speed and need to take into consideration time for dual entries to swap over.

Sorry, we are unable to guarantee the same car number at each event.

Do I need a special rally car?

No, almost any car can enter. Many of  last year’s competitors used their road car and drove to and from the event.

Check the Supplementary Regulations for the rules and regulations.

Is there any gravel?

No, the course is 100% asphalt.

I don't own a race suit, do I need one?

No, you do not need specialised race wear. See the Supplementary Regulations for clothes you can wear.

Will I crash my car?

That is up to you, the course is no different to a suburban street or freeway.

You decide how fast you go.

Do I need special racing brakes or modifications?

No, 100% stock cars are common.

Why do I have to join NSSCC?

The event is run as a closed-to-club S1 Rallysprint, this permits us to have more freedoms than other types of events.

If I am a member of another club do I still need to join NSSCC?

Yes, but if your club is an affiliated Motorsport Australia club then you can apply for a special discounted NSSCC Summer Membership for only $25.00.

To be eligible for NSSCC Summer Membership, you must be able to present your valid (other club) full membership at the event.

PLEASE NOTE: To claim the junior entry discounted package you can not use this deal, (you must be a full NSSCC member).

Visit the NSSCC Membership Portal to become a Summer Member:

Do I need to have a Co-Driver?

No, we do allow entries that have a Driver only, however these entries will not score points or awards. Stage times will be available at the event so that the Driver only entries can compare their times to the Driver/Co-Driver teams competing for the Series Awards.

What is the minimum age for my Co-Driver?

The Co-Driver must be 14 years and over.

I cant find a Co-Driver, what should I do?

Easy, you can enter the event with TBA in the Co-Driver fields and secure your spot. We can then help you find a Co-Driver before the event, please contact the Event Secretary – Adriana at

I am doing the whole series, do I need to get scrutineered every event?

If you have a car with a Motorsport Australia Log Book – you will need to provide the current Self Scrutiny Forms before each event.

If you have a car without a Motorsport Australia Log Book – you will need to be scrutineered before each event follwoing the Covid Guidelines.

Read the FAQ “How do I get Scrutineering” for more information or check the event Supplementary Regulations.

I have a race car and no passenger seat, can I enter?

You can enter the event as a Driver only. Driver only entries will not be included in results, but stage times will be available.

Is there any noise restrictions?

The event is run at the Sydney International Dragway so unless your car is louder than a top fuel car you will be okay.

Can I help promote the event?

Yes, we would love to have you help promote and drive entries for the event. Having more entrants will ensure the event is back next year.

For all the information needed, refer people back to this site

We would also love to promote your team so send any information and pictures to the Event Secretary – Adriana at

Overview of Vehicle Requirements

  • Blue Triangle Battery Sticker is required.
  • Safety Triangles are NOT required.
  • Mud Flaps are NOT required.
  • A Motorsport Australia compliant first aid kit is NOT required (but suggested).
  • A Fire Extinguisher is NOT required (but suggested). If you do have fire extinguishers in the vehicle (1kg minimum) they must be securely mounted and not with tek screws.
  • Slicks, rally tyres or road tyres are allowed.
  • Tyre warmers are allowed.
  • Race cars, drift cars, etc are allowed as long as they have safe seating for the Co-Driver and a fully operable passenger door from the inside. If this is not the case, the Driver only entry option is available.
  • You must remember that the Driver and Co-Driver must be safe, so internal door trims and leg protection must be in place in case of a side impact. So please be sure ample roll cage padding is used as well as no hard objects such as modified dash mounts and centre consoles are present.
  • Bonnet pins are not required if you still have the factory fitted catch and secondary catch operational.
  • Road registration is not required.
  • Roll cage is not required in a closed car (but recommended). If you have an open top car you need a Motorsport Australia compliant cage (NOTE: fitting a hardtop does not make the car a closed car).
  • Full harness seat belts are not required (but recommended)
  • FHR (Frontal Head Restraints) are not required but encouraged.

Overview of Crew Requirements

  • A civil drivers licence is not required.
  • Both crew must have a Motorsport Australia Licence (2S or higher). A day licence is available to purchase at the event but you must contact the Event Secretary – if you need one.
  • Both crew members must be a member of NSSCC to enter. If you are a member of another club, you can apply for the special NSSCC Summer Membership for $25 (expires at the end of March). If you want the Junior Series deal, you must be a FULL NSSCC member.
  • Both crew need a Motorsport Australia approved Helmet. This must be in good condition and not look like it has been kicked around your garage.
  • If you have a FHR(Frontal Head Restraint) we expect you to wear it. It is not compulsory for this event but recommended.
  • Apparel: Long non-flammable clothing that covers from ankle to neck to wrists (if you own a driving suit we expect you to wear it) and closed shoes. Apparel regulations can be found here: 
  • Drivers of 14 years and over can enter.
  • Co-Drivers of 14 years and over can enter.
  • Triple Drvier entries in one vehicle is NOT allowed. The maximum amount of Drivers per vehicle is two.
  • The same Co-Driver can ride in multiple cars.