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2017/18 ENTRIES OPEN FRIDAY AUGUST 18th Scroll down for more information in RED

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See below (in RED) for 2017/18 details

Read what teams have to say about the event:

From: Kevin Hinchliffe 
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 08:43
       Just a short note on the Tarmac Rally sprint event. Another fantastic event, so many good people and a great atmosphere at each one. Can`t wait for this years series to start up.
Thank you. Kev.


Five dates have been scheduled for 2017/18

  • Thursday October 19th 2017
  • Tuesday November 14th 2017       note: Tuesday
  • Thursday December 7th 2017
  • Thursday February 15th 2018
  • Thursday March 15th 2018


Where do I enter?

(updated as at 14th Aug for 2017/18 season)
The events will start with documentation and scrutiny available on site from 3pm, a drivers briefing at 5pm, recce from 5.15pm with competitive runs starting at 6pm and wrapping up around 10pm.

  • Junior discount deal, how do I get that?
    For only $176 per event, you can get a special entry for juniors. (must be under 18 years old) You pay $880 in advance and must be a full NSSCC member. See regs for details and the online entry form.
  • Scrutineering?
    We can do scrutineering on the day but you MUST be there early so we can get through everybody (3-4pm would be ideal).
    NOTE, series entrants get special priveledges, see further info.
    Alternatively, please think about doing regional scrutineering so you can get straight into the action Regional Scrutineers
  • Does my co driver need experience?
    No, the course is easy to follow so they can enjoy the ride or give you suggestions!
  • Do I need a special rally car?
    No, almost any car can enter. Last year’s winner used his road car and drove to and from the event.
  • Is there any gravel?
    No, the course is 100% asphalt.
  • I dont own a race suit, do I need one?
    No, see below for clothes you can wear.
  • Will I crash my car?
    That is up to you, the course is nothing different to a suburban street or freeway.
    You choose and decide how fast you go.
  • Do I need special racing brakes or modifications?
    No, 100% stock cars are common.
  • Why do I have to join NSSCC?
    The event is run as a closed-to-club S1 Rallysprint, this permits us to have more freedoms than other types of events, (see summer membership deal).
  • If I am a member of another club do I still need to join NSSCC?
    Yes, but if your club is a CAMS club then you can get special discounted NSSCC summer membership for only $25, (NOTE to claim the junior entry discounted package you can not use this deal).
    see here to get this
  • I am a member of a car club, how do I tell if they are a CAMS club?
    Easy, check here or ask your club president.
  • Do I need to have a Co driver?
    Yes, the rules require a passenger. What they do is up to you!
  • I cant find a Co driver?
    Easy, please enter the event with TBA and secure your spot, we can then help you find a co driver, before the event, pleasae contact us OR we WILL find a co driver for you on the night.
  • Does my passenger need special training?
    No, all they need to do is get you to arrive at the start on time and carry the time card and hand it in at the finish!
  • I have a car with rally rego (that I get renewed yearly) do I need to attend scrutineering at each event?
    Yes, every event has separate scrutineering to ensure all cars are safe, within 7 days of the event.
  • I am doing the whole series, do I need to get scrutineered every event?
    Yes, at present we need you to have your car checked every event, either at the event or regionally. (see options) NOTE See series entries special support info, to make this easy!
  • I want to enter the EVO OZ Tarmac Cup, how do I do this?
    Last year this was a success and it should hopefully be on again this year!
    Read the info here and join the club (its Free)
    And here
  • I have a race car and no passenger seat, can I enter?
    As long as your car can safely carry a passenger, and your car complies (see FAQ above) yes you can enter.
  • Is there any noise restrictions?
    It’s run at Sydney Dragway! Is your car louder than a top fuel car?
    Then you will be okay.
  • Can I help promote the event?

Yes, we would love to have you help promote and drive entries for the event. Having more entrants will ensure the event is brought back next year.
For all the information needed, refer people back to this site or find the relevant information and logos here


  • Results will be based on driver and co driver separately.
    (in previous years it has been based on driver AND co driver as a team, but this made scoring confusing)
  • This is a great way to share the fun with sponsors, family and friends


  • Two types of scrutiny is available
  • Safety triangles are NOT required.
  • Mud flaps are NOT required.
  • A CAMS compliant first aid kit.
  • A fire extinguisher (must be securely mounted, (NOT with tek screws))
    • 1 kg minimum
  • Slicks, rally tyres or road tyres are allowed
  • Tyre warmers are allowed.
  • Race cars, drift cars, etc are allowed as long as they have safe seating for the co driver and a fully operable passenger door from the inside.
  • You must remember that the driver and co driver must be safe, so internal door trim must be in place and leg protection in place in case of a side impact. So please be sure ample roll cage padding is used as well as no hard objects such as modified dash mounts and centre consoles are present.
  • Bonnet pins are not required if you still have the factory fitted catch and secondary catch operational
  • Road registration is not required
  • The following is is not required but recommended:
    • Roll cage is not required in a closed car
      • If you have an open top car you need a CAMS compliant cage
        (NOTE, fitting a hardtop does not make the car a closed car)
    • Full harness seat belts are not required, but recommended
    • HANS device are not required but encouraged.


  • A civil drivers licence is not required.
  • Safety:
  • Both crew must be registered CAMS club member,
  • Both crew must have a CAMS licence (2S or higher) , a handy info sheet on how to is here
  • Drivers of 14 years and over can enter
  • Co drivers of 14 years and over can enter
    • 2sJ or higher
  • Minimum required licence,
    • Basically any other CAMS license other than a 2NS or 2NSJ is acceptable
    • A CAMS DAY licence can be bought at the venue on the day but the following will apply:
      • Adult $95 (CAMS cost $85 plus $10 admin fee)
      • Junior $45 (CAMS cost $35 plus $10 admin fee)
      • NOTE
        • day licences can only be used for ONE EVENT in a year
        • Can NOT be used for series entry
        • must be requested in advance (do not just turn up on the night and ask)
  • Triple (driver) entries are NOT allowed in 2017/18
  • The same co driver can ride in multiple cars
  • Clothing:
    • If you have a race suit and HANS device etc, we expect you to use them .BUT
    • If you don’t own this equipment, you can wear long sleeves and trousers with closed shoes that are non flammable

According to North Shore Sporting Car Club’s president, Brett Middleton, the Twilight series will particularly give tarmac rally exponents a chance to hone their skills and technique while having a fun evening in a safe and controlled environment.

As a Class S1 Rallysprint the Twilight Tarmac Series will be run under the CAMS National Rally Code and Rallysprint regulations with both a driver and co-driver in each car, both requiring a level 2S licence or higher and with closed top cars not requiring a roll cage, opening the event up for novices wanting to get a taste of rallying before making a larger commitment

“We also recommend full harnesses however appropriate lap sash belts will be allowed and drivers 14 and over are able to enter and take part in the Twilight Tarmac events,” he said.

Each car will have the chance to have at least five runs over the course at each event and cars can be entered multiple times with a different driver for each entry.

How To Enter

Choose an event below to enter

Round 5

If you are unsure or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are love our sport and are eager to share our knowledge and encourage newcomers.

Spectator Instructions


Watch the introduction video on how you can enter in your road car, and be safer and have more fun than you thought!

A new concept in rallying will continue in Sydney this summer with the third staging of a five round Twilight Tarmac Rallysprint Series. This will again be run over the challenging tarmac course at the Sydney International Dragway on Thursday nights from October to March.

The Twilight Tarmac Rallysprint series will see crews battling it out over a 3.5 km stage across various tarmac roads within the Sydney International Dragway complex at Eastern Creek on Thursday nights from around 5pm to 10pm during daylight savings.

The series is organised by North Shore Sporting Car Club and they will be run as Level 1 Single Club Rallysprints. They will offer both traditional gravel rally exponents, tarmac rallyists, and novices new to the sport the chance to have a fun night battling the clock as the sun sets.

The Thursday night format has been chosen to allow rally enthusiasts to indulge in their sport across summer without cutting into family and leisure time on weekends. It is also time efficient with the venue located close to the geographic centre of Sydney.


Whiteline Partners

A handy drop box link is here for everything

Supplementary Regulations

NOTE these are 2016/17 and new regs will be published later in 2017

CAMS Rallysprint Standing Regulations

CAMS national regulations.

These are the main CAMS regulations for all rallysprints, use this as a guide, focusing on S1 rallysprints.
Please read carefully.

Note: Some items are compulsory and some only recommended. For example, roll cages and HANS devices are highly recommended but not compulsory, whereas helmets and long clothing is compulsory.

CAMS National Regulations for Clothing

These are the main CAMS regulations for all events incl rallysprints, use this as a guide, it shows the logos needed for approved helmets etc.

Please read carefully.

Entry Forms (online entry)
Disclaimer Form (online)

Choose an event below to enter

Round 5

2016/17 Championship Results

A big congratulations to our season place winners;

1st OUTRIGHT Neville Shears / Michelle Shears – Nissan GTR R35 B 4wd over 3501
2nd OUTRIGHT Matt Cole / Matt Sydenham – Mazda RX7 D 2wd over 2001
3rd OUTRIGHT Jamal Assaad / Saad Khan – Lancer Evo 5 A 4wd under 3500

See below for the top results.

Championship Results

Round 5 Results

Congratulations to our outright winners;

1st OUTRIGHT Neville Shears / Michelle Shears – Nissan GTR
2nd OUTRIGHT Phil Heafey / Joseph Heafey – Lancer Evo 6
3rd OUTRIGHT Stephen Marlin / Nathan Musson – Lancer Evo 9

See below for the full results.

Round 4 Results

Congratulations to our prizewinners;

1st OUTRIGHT 1 Phil Heafey Amelia Heafey – Lancer Evo 6
2nd OUTRIGHT 5 Neville Shears Michelle Shears – Nissan GTR
3rd OUTRIGHT 3 Matt Cole Matt Sydenham – Mazda RX 7

A 4wd under 3500 1 Phil Heafey Amelia Heafey – Lancer Evo 6
B 4wd over 3501 5 Neville Shears Michelle Shears – Nissan GTR
C 2wd under 2000 68 Mark Caine Jordon Sander – Toyota 86
D 2wd over 2001 3 Matt Cole Matt Sydenham – Mazda RX 7
E 2wd Gravel Tyres 36 Tim Wilkins Karina Moloney – Nissan Silvia
F 4wd Gravel Tyres 87 Toby Ivanovic Andrew Mohr – Subaru Impreza 2000

See below for the full results.

Round 3 Results

Congratulations to outright competitors;

1st Phil Heafey / Greg Stock – Lancer Evo 6

2nd Neville Shears / Michelle Shears – Nissan GTR R35

3rd Harry Bates / Coral Taylor – Toyota S2000

See below for the full results.

Round 2 Results

Congratulations to outright competitors;

1st Matt Cole / Matt Sydenham – Mazda RX7

2nd Steve Marlin / Anthony Marlin – Lancer Evo 9

3rd Jamal Assaad / Emad Karaali – Lancer Evo 5

See below for the full results.

Round 1 Results

Congratulations to outright competitors;

1st Phil Heafey / Greg Stock – Lancer Evo 6

2nd Matt Cole / Matt Sydenham – Mazda RX7 D

3rd Neal Bates / Coral Taylor – Lancia Stratos

See below for the full results.

Free Ride

We are starting a list of co-drivers who want to ride shotgun with drivers at the coming Tarmac Twilight Rallysprint Series, FREE.

Often we have drivers who want to enter but cant find a co driver.

If you are keen you can co-drive in up to 3 cars per event!

You will need to have;

  • CAMS Licence
  • Be a financial member of NSSCC
  • Helmet
  • Long clothing


Simply choose the ‪#‎twilightrally‬ event from the page here and make a post beginning with “I want a free ride”.

Drivers can then see your post If you then organise a ride, you can edit your post accordingly PER event!

If you are not a member or do not have a CAMS licence yet, see the How to Enter section.


  • Event course
  • Access from Ferrers road
  • Fire points
  • Barriers
  • Banned areas
  • Scrutiy access


Brett Middleton

Event Director/Clerk of the Course

Work 02 97674545

Angus Fraser

Angus Fraser

Assistant Clerk of the Course

Mobile 0407 209 245

Karina Sinclair

Event Secretary

Jim Gleeson

Jim Gleeson

Competitor Relations Officer (CRO)

Will be on site from 4 pm to help teams
Mobile (during the event) 0407 220 432

Ian Bigg

Ian Bigg


Alan Vaughan

Alan Vaughan



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