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Competitor Pre-Event Briefing

By October 19, 2016February 28th, 2022Rally, Rallysprint, Tarmac Rallysprint

Thank you for your entry into Thursdays Round One of the Whiteline Rallysprint.

As the event leader, on behalf of our hard working team, we appreciate your entry and our aim is to give you best value fun combined with safety.

To ensure you have the best fun night we need your help.

Please take the time to read below so you can have a smooth preparation to start the first run.

Please plan to arrive around 4 pm (or earlier).

We are on a very tight schedule and to avoid a late night we must run on time.

3 pm      Scrutiny Commences
4 pm      Documentation Commences
5 pm      Documentation Ends
5:15       Drivers Briefing
5:15       Scrutiny Concludes
5:30       Reconnaissance Begins
6:00       Event Starts


  • We expect to have to check 70 cars. (we have less than 2 minutes PER car!)
    If you have not been scrutineered yet, please arrive early
    If you are late you may miss the first run.
  • Scrutiny is on the East side of the big blue building.
  • Your car must be scrutineered before you can complete your document checking, BUT you CAN do some if it whilst you wait in the queue

Make sure your car has:

  • 1 kg fire extinguisher (bulletin to be issued after confirmation with CAMS allowing competitors to run with a minimum of a 1kg fire extinguisher for round 1)
  • It must be securely mounted
  • Working lights
  • Overall safe
  • We encourage you to get your car to scrutiny as soon as you arrive
  • You need to wear a driving suit or long pant and long sleeves
  • Have your helmet ready for inspection

Make sure you have:

  • Please only join the queue when you have everything ready
  • Proof of your CAMS L2S license,
  • Cams club membership proof
  • NSSCC summer membership (if you are a member of another club)
  • Door number kits will only be issued after scrutiny and doco is 100% completed.

PIT LAYOUT and parking

  • Please see the map for a guide where to park
    • Please note the area for EVO OZ club members only
  • Where you can, please park your car trailer at the Nth East end of the pits near the drag strip dummy grid, parallel to the gutter.

The more people who park their trailers outside the pits the better for all.

Please be ready at 6 pm, if you are one of the first 20 cars be ready BEFORE you do recce’
We run 30 sec intervals so we can get thru cars pretty fast
Please do your best to start in car number order

Your help with being patient helps.

We have some special entries, please understand why some cars will “jump the queue”

  • Adrian Coppin has WRC Coates Rally OZ journalist rides to coordinate
  • Track school mentors, Wayne and Len will be doing special co driving for junior and first event drivers
  • Some cars will be slower or faster or be doing re runs.

We have some great new companies helping us with this event, please take the time to say hello to them and make them welcome.

Some have never been to a rally before!

John McCredie and his team will be on hand to get video, if you would like to loan your in-car footage to us, please stop just after at the finish timing control point to remove your SD card.
This will be labelled in a zip lock plastic bag and copied and be ready to give back on your next run

If you need anything, please call me
Brett Middleton