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NSSCC to donate a Colorado Ute to the bAy Team

Did you see the NSSCC video where Eurobodalla Shire Council Mayor Liz Innes spoke about how the Rally of the Bay can help the local Community?

If not, watch now below…

In the video, NSSCC featured three people who were severely affected by the devastating summer bushfires. There was no explanation of who they are and why they were in the video, but it is now time to reveal their stories.

But first, during the bushfire crisis, many organisations raised money to help those affected and NSSCC was one of those organisations who raised funds to assist with the recovery.

The Sydney based Car Club has a special connection with Batemans Bay and the Eurobodalla Shire because of the AMH Automotive Group Rally of the Bay, a motorsport event held in the Forests of the Eurobodalla Shire each year for the past 30 years.

The Car Club wanted to use the money raised by NSSCC members and friends to help a great cause close to the Bay. NSSCC President, Brett Middleton, discovered a group of people calling themselves “The bAy TEAM” who had been helping people recover from the bushfires by building much needed accommodation. And what a story it is, but before we get into that, let’s meet the people from the Video.

Magenta – Magenta and her family live in Mogo, about a kilometre from the flying finish marker in “Run to Mogo” special stage. During the bushfires, her house was completely destroyed by the fires. Her partner Damien stayed to fight, but he had to leave because the intensity of the fire was so fierce that he had no hope of saving the house and risked losing his life if he stayed. And, he was well prepared.

Their family still don’t have a new house built and their beautiful ‘picture postcard’ block of land still looks like a bomb has hit it. They are living in their shed, that somehow managed to be saved.

The Bay Team came in and fit out the shed, lining it with Plasterboard and making it liveable. Much of the labour was provided at well below cost and many volunteer hours were spent completing the fit-out.

Joe – Joe lost everything in the fires and is now living in a very second-hand caravan close to where Magenta’s home used to stand. The caravan leaks very badly and is covered with a tarpaulin to help keep rain out. The Bay Team will be building a new place for Joe to live and he’s looking forward to moving out of the Caravan.

David – David lost his house, possessions and all his work equipment in the bushfires. But instead of focussing on his own recovery, he immediately went out and helped others fight the fires, helping to save many properties from destruction. In the aftermath of the fires, he has gone above and beyond to help people in need, assisting those who couldn’t get to the relief centres and doing whatever he could.

David has a passion for helping people and started to assist those who had lost everything start the rebuilding process. He formed the bAy TEAM and together with a small group of trades people and skilled workers has helped rebuild people’s houses… and lives.

The bAy TEAM is a business, but it’s focus has been on helping people and not making a profit. David has put his effort into getting the job done and not making the business profitable. He and his team have put in many hours of their own time, resources and skills to rebuild the Batemans Bay and surrounding community, whilst ignoring their own needs.

Colorado Ute Donation

North Shore Sporting Car Club wanted to do more than just donate some money, so it was decided that the club would use the funds raised to purchase equipment for the bushfire recovery. It was decided that NSSCC would purchase a $12,990 second-hand Colorado Ute to donate to the bAy TEAM.

AMH Automotive Group gladly assisted the club to secure the vehicle and their contribution towards its purchase reflects the fantastic relationship NSSCC has had with AMH as naming rights partner for the Rally of the Bay.

The Coachhouse Marina Resort and the Village Centre & Bridge Plaza shopping Centres has also assisted with several yet to be revealed gifts and the vehicle will be on display in the Village Centre this week.

The Colorado will be given to the bAy TEAM on Friday the 3rd of July at 1pm in the Village Centre by several representatives of North Shore Sporting Car Club. The club would like to thank those who donated to the fund over Christmas.