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Video deal for Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint Series

The ongoing plans of the 2016/17 Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint summer series is coming together and another key part of reaching out to Motorsport enthusiasts was secured this week.

OHM Productions, headed by John McCredie, will lead a team for what is expected to be some exciting live video.

“North Shore Sporting car Club needs to reach a wider audience to secure the future of the series, by allowing more people to know they can enter this event in their daily road car, or race car,” President Brett Middleton said.

“The revenue from our advertising partners will allow that goal via video.”

The exciting announcement means OHM will have a five minute video highlight package live on the internet by 8am the day after the previous night’s event. Then, following this, each week a 3 minute follow up video will go live for each of the weeks leading to the next event.

“Collectively we have over 14 minutes locked in, but there is more, as an onsite editor will be streaming live vision during the event,” John McCredie added.

“We have a fantastic opportunity to help grow this event. The plan is to show as many of the competitors as possible, so they can leverage their sponsors, and this in turn will help get NSSCC more entries and more partners so the series will grow.”

The event will gain video from multiple in field cameras, drones, as well as two dedicated live stream videos, using some exciting new technology, plus live interviews and static edited videos from the pits at Sydney International Dragway.

The Whiteline Tarmac Rallysprint Series is in its third season, with entries about to open soon. More info

Whiteline Summer Twilight Tarmac Rallysprints are held weeknights nights from 5pm during the daylight savings months from October to March and see some of Sydney’s leading tuners and teams test their skills as they navigate the stage against the clock.

1. 20-Oct-2016 Thursday
2. 22-Nov-2016 Tuesday (note tues)
3. 15-Dec-2016 Thursday
4. 16-Feb-2017 Thursday
5. 16-Mar-2017 Thursday