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Caves Classic Rally 2020 Archive


NSSCC will be providing a running update from the Caves Classic Rally. Latest information on top.

  • [10/10 8:50pm] Rally is over, won by Tony Sullens and Kaylie Newell in the Citroen Ds3
  • [10/10 7:02pm] Car 1 (Tom Clarke) has arrived back at the service park. We will have to wait a bit longer for the rest of the field.
  • [10/10 6:07pm] At the end of SS7 Mal Keough (Car 10) leads the Midstate Freight Caves Classic Rally from Tony Sullens (Car 2) in 2nd and Tom Clarke (Car 1) in 3rd.
  • [10/10 5:40pm] All teams except 2 made the start line for Heat 2. The leader board seems to be swapping around a bit. Follow on at ChrisSport for results
  • [10/10 5:00pm] Teams have services and regrouped and are heading back out for Heat 2.
  • [10/10 2:57pm] More updates on Facebook and a new video up. Car 1 and 18 should be back for Heat 2
  • [10/10 2:07pm] Update on retirements so far in Heat 1 on FaceBook.
  • [10/10 12:30pm] Car 12 is reported to be off in SS1, crew safe on the side of the road
  • [10/10 12:10pm] First 6 cars have finished SS1 – stand by for some times.
  • [10/10 11:37am] Car 1 is about to starting Stage 1 of the Midstate Freight Caves Classic Rally
  • [10/10 11:05 am] First video is up from the service park.
  • [10/10 10:45am] Drivers briefing is happening – cars are set to leave at 11.30am.
  • [9/10 9:08pm] We’re signing off for the night and will bring you updates throughout the rally tomorrow from 8am
  • [9/10 8:40pm] Documentation closes soon, will reopen again in the morning
  • [9/10 1:20pm] Make sure you follow NSSCC on Instagram
  • [9/10 1:09pm] Documentation will be ready at approximately 1:30pm
  • [9/10 10:12am] Documentation due to open today at 12pm
  • [9/10 9:30am] Website updated with links to Videos, Timing and Rallysafe
  • [9/10 7:30am] One day to go… First car starts at 11:30 am Saturday
  • [8/10 9:00am] Setup crews are in the forest getting stages ready
  • [7/10 7:00am] The Caves setup crew have left Sydney, heading for Oberon

Midstate Freight Caves Classic Rally

A message to the Rally fraternity from Jon Thomson.

As Clerk of Course for the Midstate Freight Caves Classic rally, I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding in the face of our need to have to postpone the event, due to the NSW Health directive on regional and state sports events.

In announcing our new date of 10th October, we acknowledge that it would not be the optimal timing in a normal year, but this is not a normal year. We didn’t have a state round until July, so the first six months were lost to the crisis. Ideally we would be running the Caves on 5th September as originally scheduled, but the crisis intervened again.

The 10th October is now the only weekend available on which to run a delayed Caves Classic rally. The NSW Health directive does not end until 1st October, that means the 3rd October is on the Long Weekend and not possible. The Bathurst 1000 is now on 17-18 October, so that rules that weekend out. The 24th October is just one week away from Monaro Stages, so that date is not feasible.

As I say Monaro Stages is on 31 October while the National Capital Rally is on 28 November, so the 7th, 14th and 21st November are all out, because any one of them is too close to both of those rallies, and would mean three state rounds in four weeks. Going into December is also not possible because it is outside the permitted Forestry window. That means that we had no choice, it is either 10th October or not at all.

At NSSCC, as a very strong rally club, we feel obligated and compelled to give rallyists and the rally community a great rally that ensures the Championship means something with four strong rounds and some great competition in a really tough and difficult year.

We know you can’t please everyone all the time, but we have gone out of our way to make sure the Caves route takes in the smoothest and best roads available in the Oberon area and we hope that you as competitors come and have a go, because you won’t be disappointed. It is also the only roadbook rally in the NSW Championship and I can promise you that it is a really fantastic, enjoyable and fun drivers rally.

So thanks for your patience and understanding and we look forward to seeing you at Oberon on 10th October.

Jon Thomson – Clerk of Course

Midstate Freight

We welcome onboard our 2020 Naming Rights Partner – MIDSTATE FREIGHT

For over a decade, Midstate Freight have built a strong and reliable network of express freight services delivering daily throughout the Central Western area of NSW Australia through their own facilities in Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo, Mudgee, Lithgow and Cowra employing over 80 local staff with over 65 delivery vehicles.

Midstate Freight partner with leading freight transport and logistics companies to ensure fast and efficient local, national and international express freight services for local businesses and residents.

The Midstate Freight team are passionate about their business and dedicated to providing value for their customers.

Each depot is staffed with a Manager for the effective running of the day to day operations and to take charge of staff and operations.

The team at Midstate Freight believe that the customer is number one and the key to their success.

MIDSTATE FREIGHT is recognised for its commitment to quality, service and safety and its continued innovation in the development of its process and systems to support our customers.

Similarly, MIDSTATE FREIGHT is recognised as a dynamic industry leader in the transport sector and is known for striving for quality, solution focused approaches and importantly delivery on time and in full. Midstate Freight started in 2006 when an opportunity arose to purchase a small delivery service operation out of Bathurst delivering into Mudgee three days a week. The business quickly grew and within twelve months were running five days and two extra trucks, one contracted to Australia Post. Five years later they have six depots, over 80 staff and upwards of 65 vehicles in the fleet.

The MIDSTATE FREIGHT group solutions can be summarised as follows:
– Reliable and professional organisation with second to none experience in transport and warehousing.
– Business infrastructure that can support the full end to end supply chain requirements for all business partners.

Familiar and ALL NEW stages including:

Lowes Mount – 10.4km

Roberts – 10.4km (repeated)

Essington – 18.9km (repeated)

Beemerang – 20.5km (repeated at night)

Staceys – 9.5km (repeated at night)

Service Park in Oberon

Remote Refuel in Black Springs

Results from the Rally of the Bay will be on ChrisSport and RALLYSAFE 

Scoring Points in NSW Series

Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the series regulations that apply to you. Each of the series has specific requirements and these can be found on the Rally NSW website, and general regulations on the Motorsport Australia website.

Some of the conditions that exist include:

– G4, AP4 and R5 category cars are not eligible for NSW series points
– Driver grading restrictions are in place for the Clubman Series
– The Roadbook must be used to score points in the NSW, ECCRS, Clubman and Hyundai Series
– Frontal Head Restraints must be used

Please consult the relevant series conditions and regulations for the complete list of rules and regulations.

Become an Official

Grab your own spectator point, contribute to the rally community and earn free membership at one of Sydney's oldest and largest clubs!

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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the decision on offering spectator points at this years event is still pending. Our COVID-19 responsibilities have meant we need to consider a range of options, including having no spectators.

BUT… guess what? we need Rally Officials! And a Rally Official gets the best seat in the house, right beside the action at your very own spectator point.

We need officials for road closures, control points, SOS points, service park, rally start, rally HQ and various other officials. No experience required as we’ll find a job that suits you and give you any training required to do the job, including any special requirements from our COVID-19 plan.

To register your interest or to have a conversation about volunteering, send an email to, or click the button below.

Documents – Event Notice Board

Supp Regs
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Competitor Info. 1
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Indemnity Forms
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Service Instructions
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Seeded Entry List
Updated 6/10/20
Further Regulations 1
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Further Regulations 2
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Further Regulations 3
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Event COVID Documents

Venue Plan
Competitor and Crew
COVID Briefing
COVID Briefing
Contractor & Vendor
COVID Briefing

Media Documents

Media Accreditation
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Media Plan Template
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Rally of the Bay Media Report

COVID Briefing

No Campfires Allowed

Due to high fire danger, campfires and barbecues using wood, charcoal or other solid fuel are banned.


Service Park

Located at Oberon Football Club in the centre of town and proudly supported by:

Stage Partners

Accommodation Partners

Contacts and Organising Team

Jon Thomson

Clerk of Course/Event Manager

M: 0418 641 959

Oliver Sellars

Assistant Clerk of Course

M: 0431 431 077

Howard Grove

Road Director

M: 0408 313 078

Ian Bray


M: 0419 518 610

Brett Middleton

Commercial Manager


John McCredie

Media Manager

M: 0413 042 763



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come to the rally if I'm from Melbourne?

At this point, No. The NSW border is closed and the unfortunate incidences of COVID-19 outbreaks in Melbourne will continue to be monitored by the event team and Motorsport Australia.

How many people can I bring into the service park as part of my team?

We are still finalising numbers for our COVID plan, however you should plan for a total of 4 people until we finalise. This includes the Driver, Co-Driver and two service crew members.

Will there be awards handed out after the rally?

Not at this stage. Due to the COVID pandemic we are still finalising how we provide a reward for recipients of awards.

Will there be food at the Service Park?

Yes, there will be food provided by the Football Club.

What is the best way to provide my event documentation?

Using the Rally NSW fast track documentation system is the best and safest way to provide all of your details -

Do I need to use the Rally NSW fast track documentation system?

No. Using the fast track documentation system is optional, but we highly recommend using this system.

What happens if I am caught speeding if I do Recce for Pace Notes?

You will be referred to the event officials and may be excluded from the rally.

Will I have a road card and will I have to hand it to control officials?

No. The event will be using Rallysafe for all timing and check-ins. A personal card for you to take notes and record your own details will be provided in the road book

How do I know ow my stage time?

Rally safe will display it automatically when you cross the flying finish line.

Will there be any tyre trucks be in the Hoosier Service Park?

Yes. There will be multiple tyre suppliers. The name of the Service Park will probably lead you to the answer that Hoosier will have a major setup, but there will also be others available.

Do we need to wear masks and gloves for COVID in the Service Park?

No. However, you need to maintain social distancing and follow the directions of officials who will be observing the activities and promoting the 1.5m rule.

Will there be a re-group and if so, how will that work?

Yes, there will be regroups at the Service Park. You will need to remain in your vehicle for the full duration of any regroup.

Can I be near another competitors team at the Service Park?

Yes. A service team form will be emailed to each team and you will be able to select who you want to be located next to.

Do I need a personal COVID kit in my rally car?

Yes and it needs to have gloves and face masks for the driver and co-driver, but NO hand sanitiser.

Do I need to stop at the finish control?

Yes, you must stop for safety reasons, but not come within 1.5m, touch or share items with officials.

I really need my morning coffee, will this be available?

We are planning to have a coffee van, but there is also a range of Cafe's and fast food outlets in Oberon that will be open.

I heard there is a new deal for Clubman teams where they will get two photos of their car for free, will that be available at the Caves Classic Rally?

Yes. Bruce Moxon will be at the Rally and will be providing the Clubman and HRS teams with two free photos.

Will there be media attending the event? I heard that the media were not allowed.

Yes. OHM Productions will be once again providing video media for Rally NSW and also for NSSCC. There will be regular video updates on Facebook and YouTube. There will also be a small number of other media outlets covering the event, including photographers and newspapers.

Can I buy a video package for just my team?

Yes. OHM Productions will be offering a range of video packages for teams. To arrange yours, give them a call on 0413 042 763

I am from a media organisation and I want to come to the Rally of the Bay, how do I arrange it?

You need to create a Media Plan after reading the documents in the media section on this page. Once you submit your plan, you will be contacted with further details.

What official timing is used?

100% of the event will use RallySafe and no road cards will be required. All timing and messaging will be through RallySafe

Can I get media exposure for my team?

Yes. NSSCC has engaged OHM Productions to provide all media services for the Rally. You can send information about your team to

I want to get involved as an advertising partner, how do I do that?

As a partner, we can provide a lot of benefits to your company or maybe you want to donate to help the sport. Please contact our Club President here.

Can I use Pace Notes?

Yes. You can choose to do the Pace Noted option, however you will not be eligible for outright awards or to score points in any Rally NSW series.