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This is an Archive of the 2021 Rally of the Bay Page

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New Event Date for 2022: 13th August

Planning for the 2021 AMH Rally of the Bay is underway. As we get closer to the event, you’ll be able to find everything you need from documentation to media releases, here on the website. Need to find us quickly? Just remember that will bring you straight to this page!

Event Info

There is now an FAQ section on this page. Please read this before contacting the event secretary.

There has been some extreme weather across the state over the past 12 months and this has seen a number of event cancellations due to the condition of forestry and shire roads. The Batemans Bay area has also suffered from these weather events and some of the traditional roads that are used for the event are not in any fit condition to be used in 2021. But don’t despair!! The team has been out in the forest scouting for new roads and we think you’ll like what we have found.

In 2021, there’ll be two separate events. The Bay Stages and Bay Ramble. Unfortunately, due to the road selection, there’ll be no Bay Meander Introductory Rally this year.

Bay Stages Event

Four awesome special stages have been selected and these will be repeated to provide a total of 8 stages. We’ll be using the 8km Ridge Road /Dog Trap Road to the east of the highway, just behind the township of Batehaven before heading over for a 14km blast over Buckenbowra Road and into the roller coaster Ross Ridge Road. After a quick splash of fuel and maybe a 5 minute service, you’ll head out to the west of Batemans Bay to the technical Wallaby/Western Distributor stage. One last competitive stage before service over Clyde Ridge Road and into Lyons road and Heat 1 is over. Then we do it all again for heat 2.

The Bay Stages will be part of the NSW Rally Championship (NSWRC) and East Coast Classic 4WD Rally Series (ECCRS-4) and East Coast Classic 2WD Rally Series (ECCRS-2). The first seven stages of the Bay Stages event will also count towards the NSW Clubman Rally Series (CRS), NSW Hyundai Rally Series (HRS) and the ACT Regional Rally Series (ACT).

G4 cars now eligible for State Points

The Bay Stages event features:

  • 2 Heats
  • 8 Stages
  • Pacenotes or Roadbook can be used to score NSW, ECCRS and ACT Points
  • Roadbook MUST be used to score Clubman (CRS) and Hyundai (HRS) points
  • Approximately 125km’s competitive
  • Total distance including liaison will be 330km
  • First car will start at the Service Park at 8:45am
  • First car will finish at approx 5:30pm
  • G4 and AP4 cars now eligible for NSW Points
  • Rally HQ at the Batemans Bay Marina Resort (same location as 2020 – new name)
  • Service Park at Corrigan’s Beach Reserve, Beach Road, Batehaven

Bay Ramble Event

For those on a limited budget, NSSCC has created the Bay Ramble event that is just the first seven special stages. This allows teams competing in the NSW Clubman Rally Series (CRS), NSW Hyundai Rally Series (HRS) and ACT Regional Rally Series (ACT) to complete just the stages that count towards their series if they want. The event features:

  • 1 section
  • 7 stages
  • Pacenote or Roadbook Option (To earn CRS and HRS points you must use the Roadbook)
  • First car finishes at approximately 4pm

Eurobodalla Shire

Home of the Rally of the Bay – All kinds of Natural

About our Naming Rights Partner

AMH Auto Group is a family owned and operated car dealership with over 60 years combined service to the Motor Industry. They are the best car dealership in the area providing Kia special offers, competitive Honda rates and Nissan accessories. Plus, they offer the best customer service with maximum value for money in the South Coast, NSW area!

AMH 4×4 Outdoor – a 4WD Specialist, has numerous brands such as Ironman 4×4, Alu-Cab, Torqit, GME and Clearview – all in one location. They can also assist you with your 4X4 needs, from tyres, accessory fittings to servicing your vehicle. Their specialty is personalisation and customer satisfaction!

Scoring Points in NSW and ACT Series

Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the series regulations that apply to you. Each of the series has specific requirements and these can be found on the Rally NSW website, ACT Rally Series website and general regulations on the Motorsport Australia website.

Some of the conditions that exist include:

  • G4 and AP4 category cars are now eligible for NSW series points
  • R5 category cars are NOT eligible for NSW series points
  • Driver grading restrictions are in place for the Clubman Series
  • The Roadbook must be used to score points in the Clubman and Hyundai Series
  • Frontal Head Restraints must be used

Please consult the relevant series conditions and regulations for the complete list of rules and regulations.


The COVID-19 Pandemic just doesn’t seem to want to go away, so once again the NSSCC team will be monitoring the situation carefully and complying with all NSW Health directives, State Government advice and Motorsport Australia requirements.  Because of this, there will likely be additional requirements to ensure you meet COVID-19 responsibilities and these will be detailed in the Rally of the Bay COVID-19 Plan that will be provided as part of the documentation kit.


Book Now
The Batemans Bay Marina Resort is offering accommodation deals for teams at this year’s event. Stay Friday and Saturday Nights and any additional nights are at a 30% discount. Make sure you mention the rally when you book.
Why stay at the Batemans Bay Marina Resort?
  • Plenty of Truck and Trailer Parking
  • Next to Rally HQ
  • Conveniently located near the Service Park
  • Great prices
  • Plenty of Villa options for all sized teams
  • Opposite Club Catalina – walk to great food and facilities
  • Friendly staff and easy booking
Call or email to book: 02 4472 4392 |


GREAT NEWS FOR SPECTATORS: NSSCC are pleased to announce that we are planning a minimum of two spectator points at this years event. The current COVID-19 issue on the south coast could potentially impact the event, but at this stage we are moving ahead with our plans for spectators.

Want your own private spectator point? We need Rally Officials! And a Rally Official gets the best seat in the house, right beside the action at your very own spectator point.

To register your interest or to have a conversation about volunteering, send an email to, call 0413389500 or click the button below.

Become an Official

Grab your own spectator point, contribute to the rally community and earn free membership at one of Sydney's oldest and largest clubs!

We need officials for road closures, control points, SOS points, service park, rally start, rally HQ and various other officials. No experience required as we’ll find a job that suits you and give you any training required to do the job, including any special requirements from our COVID-19 plan.

Sign Up Now

Documents – Event Notice Board

Supplementary Regulations

Now Available

Recce Information

Coming Soon

Motorsport Australia Disclaimer

Coming Soon

Motorsport Australia Social Media Policy

Need Supplies?

Don’t travel all the way to Batemans Bay with a car full of food, drink and other supplies, get it when you arrive at one of the fantastic shopping centres in the heart of Batemans Bay. Visit the Bridge Plaza or Village Centre for everything you need.

The Village Centre and Bridge Plaza Shopping Centres are a Major Partner of the Rally of the Bay and we’d love you to support the businesses that support the rally. Head in to get your supplies.

There are all the major chains – Woolworths, Coles and Aldi, plus a range of specialty shops, cafes, pharmacy and everything you’ll need for a rally is right here in the Bay.

Support local jobs and buy local!

Pace Notes

Smoothline Stage Notes Available for the 2021 Event

Smoothline Stage Notes provide rally teams with high-quality, succinct directions that are easy to digest. Crafted by one of the most successful pairings in Australian Rallying, Steve Glenney and Bernie Webb.

Tap into Steve and Bernie’s experience through Smoothline can give you the confidence to safely perform to the best of your potential while enjoying the experience.

Smoothline stage notes are now available for the 2021 Rally of the Bay. Head to the Smoothline website to order yours now. Download a sample of the notes here.

Please note: These notes are created and supplied by an external organisation under the terms of their agreement that you will need to sign. The event and the North Shore Sporting Car Club have no role in creating or supplying them.


The following documents will assist members of the media and Motorsport Accredited Photographers with their visit to the 2021 AMH Rally of the Bay. If you have any questions, please email or call our Media Manager on 0413 042 763.

To attend the event as media, you will need to submit a brief plan, detailing your approximate movements on the day of the rally. This will need to include information about you, your team, and the general locations you will be attending (stage numbers, service etc). To make it easier to write your plan, a downloadable PDF Form can be used as a template and can be found below.

Special arrangements must be made for drone use at the event. If you would like to utilise a drone, please read the Motorsport Australia Drone Policy document below, and also contact the Media Manager on 0413 042 763.

The plan must be received no later than 5pm on the 27th of August 2021, however, please submit your plan as soon as possible to allow us the opportunity to review and collate the information.

Media Accreditation and Information
Motorsport Australia Drone Policy
Motorsport Australia Media Accreditation Policy
Media Plan Fillable Form
Media Points

Coming Soon

Media Disclaimer

Rally Social Hub – Club Catalina

A venue with something for everyone

Catch up with friends, grab a meal and maybe even fit in a round of golf. Visit the SOCIAL HUB for the AMH Rally of the Bay, at Club Catalina, right opposite Rally HQ on Beach Road.

Club Catalina will host our ‘Meet and Greet’ event on Friday night from 7:30pm in the main bar area. This will be an opportunity to catch up with all the Drivers, Co-Drivers and Service Crew members. Open to teams, officials, spectators and the general public, this is your opportunity to get up close to the stars of Rallying in NSW (and beyond).

Club Catalina features a 27-hole championship golf course, bars, bistro and coffee shop. The best place to relax while visiting the AMH Rally of the Bay. We’ll see you there!

Collecting Cars Service Park

Located at Corrigan’s Beach Reserve, Beach Road, Batehaven – Supported by

Special Stages

8 stages in total covering approximately 128 kilometres of the best rally roads in the country!

SS1 – AGI Roll Cages Dog Trap 1 – 8.68km
SS2 – Shamrock Haulage Buckenbowra 1 – 14.35km
SS3 – Techworkz Auto Western Distributor 1 – 23.38km
SS4 – Premier Pools Clyde Ridge 1 – 17.6km
SS5 – Premier Panel Beating Dog Trap 2 – 8.68km
SS6 – Activ Rallysport Buckenbowra 2 – 14.35km
SS7 – SW Motorsport Western Distributor 2 – 23.38km
SS8 – Brumby Bar & Grill Clyde Ridge 2 – 17.6km

Stage Partners


Results from the Rally of the Bay will be on ChrisSport and RALLYSAFE  and proudly supported by:

Contacts and Organising Team

Nigel Bland

Clerk of Course/Event Manager

M: 0411 644 193

Phil Morley

Results Manager

Please contact the Rally
Secretary for information

Scott Schubert

Logistics & Support

M: 0419 851 247

John Buckley

Assistant Clerk of Course

M: 0408 970 078

Peter Batt

Chief Scrutineer

Please contact the Rally
Secretary for information

John McCredie

Media Manager

M: 0413 042 763

Adriana Pallister


M: 0418 611 224

Ian Bray

COVID-19 Coordinator

Please contact the Rally
Secretary for information

Brett Middleton

Partners & Commercial Mgr


John McCredie

Road Director

M: 0413 042 763

Andrew Benefield

Officials Coordinator

P: 0413 389 500

Sarah Bell

Competitor Relations Officer (CRO)

M: 0437 866 887


Frequently Asked Questions

With the event being postponed, what happens to my entry?

Your entry will be automatically rolled over to the new date of the 28th of August. If you can no longer attend on the new date, you can contact the event secretary by email:

With the event being postponed, can I enter for the new date?

Yes, entries are still open and being taken for the new date. Head to the online entry system to enter. Any enquiries can be made by contacting the event secretary by email:

Buckenbowra Rd is closed near the Princess Highway, what's going on?

Eurobodalla Shire Council has engaged contractors to repair a drain under the road near the start of Buckenbowra Road. These repairs are due to be finalised by the 9th of July and the road will be closed until at least this date. During Recce, crews will be required to travel into the start of the stage using Runnyford Rd, Ross Ridge Road and Buckenbowra Rd (Effectively travel the stage in reverse).

If repairs have not been completed by the 28th of August and the road is still closed, the Event Management has a contingency plan in place that will allow the use of the stage. If the contingency plan is utilised, the stage start will be moved approximately 900m west into Buckenbowra Road.

Can I still come to the rally if I'm from Melbourne?

Hopefully by the time the rally is due to start, the current Melbourne COVID outbreak will be under control and teams will be able to travel from Melbourne. At this point, the NSW border is open and travel arrangements will be dictated by state governments. We’ll update this FAQ as we get closer to the event.

Can I spectate at the Rally of the Bay?

Yes, At this stage we plan on having at least two spectator points. See the spectator section on this page for details and consider volunteering for an official role to get your own private spectator point.

Do I need to get regionally scrutineered?

Yes, regional scrutineering is required. If this is not possible, please contact the event Secretary ( to book a time to get scrutineered at the event.

Will there be a presentation and awards handed out after the rally?

We are planning to have a presentation at the Club Catalina after the event. We will provide further information closer to the event.

I really need my morning coffee, will this be available?

We are planning on inviting a coffee van, so hopefully coffee will be available throughout the event. There is also a range of Cafe’s and fast food outlets in Batemans Bay that will be open.

What is the best way to provide my event documentation?

Using the Rally NSW fast track documentation system is the best and safest way to provide all of your details –

Do I need to use the Rally NSW fast track documentation system?

No. Using the fast track documentation system is optional, but we highly recommend using this system.

What happens if I am caught speeding during Recce?

You will be referred to the event officials and may be excluded from the rally.

What official timing is used?

100% of the event will use RallySafe and no road cards will be required. All timing and messaging will be through RallySafe

How do I know what my stage time is if there is only Rallysafe?

Rally safe will display it automatically when you cross the flying finish line.

Will I have a road card and will I have to hand it to control officials?

No. The event will be using Rallysafe for all timing and check-ins. A personal card for you to take notes and record your own details will be provided in the road book

Where is Rally HQ?

At the Batemans Bay Marina Resort, 49 Beach Road, Batemans Bay. This is the same location as last year, the resort has simply changed it’s name.

Can I just drive into the Batemans Bay Marina Resort to visit Rally HQ?

Yes, the boom gate will be open most time’s during the rally.

Where in the Batemans Bay Marina Resort is the HQ building?

Rally HQ is in the Sea Breeze room on the river side of the premises.

Will there be any tyre trucks be in the Service Park?

Yes. There will be multiple tyre suppliers.

Can I get media exposure for my team?

Yes. NSSCC has engaged OHM Productions to provide all media services for the AMH Rally of the Bay. You can send information about your team to

Is there a no wheel-spin rule and if so why?

Yes, a no wheel-spin rule will apply. This rule has been put in place to conserve the forest roads and reduce the impact on the local community who use the roads on a daily basis. It is part of our ‘tread lightly’ approach to running the event.

How will the no wheel-spin start be managed for cars with launch control?

These Cars will be carefully monitored and the start control officials will be provided with advice on how to tell between launch control and wheel-spin.

Can I be near another competitors team at the Service Park?

Yes. A service team form will be emailed to each team and you will be able to select who you want to be located next to.

I am from a media organisation and I want to come to the Rally of the Bay, how do I arrange it?

You need to create a Media Plan after reading the documents in the media section on this page. Once you submit your plan, you will be contacted with further details.

I need to purchase food and supplies. Should I bring them with me or buy them when I get to Batemans Bay? Where is the best location to buy it?

The Bridge Plaza and Village Centre is a major partner of the rally and we encourage you to buy your supplies in Batemans Bay to support the local community. Please visit Coles, Aldi, Woolworths and the many speciality stores to get you supplies. And while you’re doing it, mention that you are with the rally so they know we are supporting the local community.

Can I buy food at the service park this year?

Yes. There will be food vendors at the Service Park for this years event.

I heard there is a new deal for Clubman teams where they will get two photos of their car for free, will that be available at the Rally of the Bay?

Yes. Bruce Moxon will be at the Rally of the Bay and will be providing the Clubman and HRS teams with two free photos.

Can I buy a video package for just my team?

Yes. OHM Productions will be offering a range of video packages for teams. To arrange yours, give them a call on 0413 042 763

Are we able to do the event blind using just a road book? I only want to do blind events, especially leading up to the Alpine Rally.

Yes. You can use just the road book. The road book is completely suitable for teams wanting to complete blind to improve their skills in the lead up to rallies like the Alpine and Sunraysia Safari.

I want to do the rally blind, is there a good road book?

Yes. We go to a lot of effort to ensure the road book is consistent and an accurate description of the stage. The road book we supply is considered one of the best for reliability and detail of the route.

Will I need to run lights on my rally car?

That will depend on your seeded road position. Whilst the rally is due to finish in daylight for the top cars, lower seeded cars may require lights for the final two stages. A full schedule is in the Supp Regs to assist in deciding if lights will be needed.

Where can I find an Itinerary or Schedule for the running of the rally?

Download the supp regs (in the documentation section) and there is an Itinerary at the back of the regulations.

I have entered the rally using the online form, but my name isn't appearing in the entry list on this page. Am I entered?

The entry list is only updated once confirmation of payment is received through the automated entry system. Sometimes this can take up to 24 hours, so be patient and if you are not on the list after 24 hours, contact our event secretary on


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