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Rally of the Bay 2020 Archive

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Congratulations Harry Bates and John McCarthy
Winners of the 2020 AMH Automotive Group Rally of the Bay

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The latest two Videos from the 2020 AMH Automotive Rally of the Bay will be playing below once the 2020 event starts.
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RALLY of the BAY

Entries now closed – 85 Cars will start on Saturday

Event Date: 4th July 2020


Planning for the 2020 Rally of the Bay is well underway. Please check here often as we will be updating it regularly as we get closer to the event. And be sure to tag yourself as going on our Rally of the Bay Facebook events page for easy notifications of updates.

Event Info

There is now an FAQ section at the bottom of this page. Please read this before contacting the event secretary.

The event will be very similar to last years Rally of the Bay with three separate events taking place:

Bay Stages Event

Seven awesome special stages with only two of the stages repeated. The spectacular River Road and ever popular 40km Runnyford Road stages form part of this event. The Bay Stages will be part of the MTA NSW Rally Championship (NSWRC) and East Coast Classic Rally Series (ECRS).

The first five stages of the Bay Stages event will also count towards the NSW Techworkz Clubman Rally Series (CRS), NSW Hyundai Rally Series (HRS) and the Techworkz Automotive ACT Regional Rally Series (ACT).

The Bay Stages event features:

  • 2 Heats
  • 7 Stages
  • Pacenotes or Roadbook can be used to score MTA NSW, ECCRS and ACT Points
  • Roadbook MUST be used to score Clubman (CRS) and Hyundai (HRS) points
  • Approximately 139km’s competitive
  • Total distance including liaison will be 317km
  • First car will start at the Service Park at 8:45am
  • First car will finish at approx 5:30pm
  • Service Park at Corrigans Beach Reserve, Beach Road, Batehaven

Bay Ramble Event

For those on a limited budget, NSSCC has created the Bay Ramble event that is just the first five special stages. This allows teams competing in the NSW Techworkz Clubman Rally Series (CRS), NSW Hyundai Rally Series (HRS) and Techworkz Automotive ACT Regional Rally Series (ACT) to complete just the stages that count towards their series if they want. The event features:

  • 1 section
  • 5 stages
  • No repeat run over River Road and the Drury stage
  • Pacenote or Roadbook Option (To earn CRS and HRS points you must use the Roadbook)
  • Approximately 103km competitive
  • Total distance including liaison will be 227km
  • First car finishes at approximately 3pm

Bay Meander – Introductory Rally

Are you new to the exciting sport of rallying? Want to try it out but don’t have a roll cage, frontal head restraints and a dedicated rally car? Then the Bay Meander is specifically designed for you, the new competitor.  This rally requires limited car setup and only a Motorsport Australia non-speed license for Driver and Co-Driver. The event is timed to the nearest minute and uses 4 stages of 59km competitive distance.


Scoring Points in NSW and ACT Series

Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the series regulations that apply to you. Each of the series has specific requirements and these can be found on the Rally NSW website, ACT Rally Series website and general regulations on the Motorsport Australia website.

Some of the conditions that exist include:

  • G4, AP4 and R5 category cars are not eligible for NSW series points
  • Driver grading restrictions are in place for the Clubman Series
  • The Roadbook must be used to score points in the Clubman and Hyundai Series
  • Frontal Head Restraints must be used for all but the Meander event

Please consult the relevant series conditions and regulations for the complete list of rules and regulations.



Because of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, additional work is required for the event to go ahead. The Supp Regs cannot be issued until a fully documented COVID-19 plan has been established by the organising team. Work on the plan and documentation is progressing well and we expect to have regulations released shortly. The COVID-19 Plan will have implications for both NSSCC as the organisers and also for competitors, so it will be important for all teams planning on entering to ensure they familiarise themselves with their COVID-19 responsibilities as detailed in the Rally of the Bay COVID-19 Plan that will be provided.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still come to the rally if I'm from Melbourne?

At this point, the NSW border is open and the unfortunate incidences of COVID-19 outbreaks in some areas of Melbourne will continue to be monitored by the event team and Motorsport Australia.

Can I spectate at the Rally of the Bay?

No, See the spectator section on this page for details.

Do I need a personal COVID kit in my rally car?

Yes and it needs to have gloves and face masks for the driver and co-driver, but NO hand sanitiser.

How many people can I bring into the service park as part of my team?

A total of 4 people from your team is allowed. This includes the Driver, Co-Driver and two service crew members.

What happens if I need to get out of the vehicle and approach another competitor who has had an accident?

You must maintain social distancing, however if medical assistance is required you will need to wear your mask and gloves and keep them on at all times.

Do I need to get regionally scrutineered?

Yes, regional scrutineering is required. If this is not possible, please contact the event Secretary ( to book a time to get scrutineered at the event.

Will there be awards handed out after the rally?

Sorry, due to the COVID pandemic we are restricted to issuing electronic certificates and these will be emailed to recipients of awards.

Will there be food at the Service Park?

Yes, there are a range of shops opposite the park as well as a BBQ provided by local volunteers.

I really need my morning coffee, will this be available?

The Corrigans Cove Resort opposite will be open, serving coffee and is a short walk from the Service Park. There is also a range of Cafe's and fast food outlets in Batemans Bay that will be open.

Do I need to be at documentation by Friday night?

Yes, you MUST attend documentation on or before Friday night. You will be required to undergo a test for body temperature. If you can't make it to documentation by Friday night, you will NOT be permitted to start the rally.

What time is documentation open on Friday?

6am until 11:30pm

What is the best way to provide my event documentation?

Using the Rally NSW fast track documentation system is the best and safest way to provide all of your details -

Do I need to use the Rally NSW fast track documentation system?

No. Using the fast track documentation system is optional, but we highly recommend using this system.

What happens if I am caught speeding during Recce?

You will be referred to the event officials and may be excluded from the rally.

Will I have a road card and will I have to hand it to control officials?

No. The event will be using Rallysafe for all timing and check-ins. A personal card for you to take notes and record your own details will be provided in the road book

What official timing is used?

100% of the event will use RallySafe and no road cards will be required. All timing and messaging will be through RallySafe

How do I know ow my stage time?

Rally safe will display it automatically when you cross the flying finish line.

Do I need to stop at the finish control?

Yes, you must stop for safety reasons, but not come within 1.5m, touch or share items with officials.

Will there be a post event function?

No. Unfortunately we are required to follow strict COVID-19 regulations and post event functions cannot be held.

Where is Rally HQ?

At the Coachouse Marina Resort, 49 Beach Road, Batemans Bay.

Where in the Coachhouse Marina Resort is the HQ building?

Rally HQ is in the Sea Breeze room on the river side of the premises adjacent to the pool and marquee. Please refer to the map at

Will there be any tyre trucks be in the Hoosier Service Park?

Yes. There will be multiple tyre suppliers. The name of the Service Park will probably lead you to the answer that Hoosier will have a major setup, but there will also be trucks from MRF and Pirelli.

Do we need to wear masks and gloves for COVID in the Service Park?

No. However, you need to maintain social distancing and follow the directions of officials who will be observing the activities and promoting the 1.5m rule.

Will there be a re-group and if so, how will that work?

Yes, there will be regroups at the Service Park. You will need to remain in your vehicle for the full duration of any regroup.

Is there a no wheel-spin rule and if so why?

Yes, a no wheel-spin rule will apply. This rule has been put in place to conserve the forest roads and reduce the impact on the local community who use the roads on a daily basis. It is part of our 'tread lightly' approach to running the event.

How will the no wheel-spin start be managed for cars with launch control?

These Cars will be carefully monitored and the start control officials will be provided with advice on how to tell between launch control and wheel-spin.

My car does not have electronic launch control, how am I effected by the no wheel-spin rule?

All our start controls are managed by experienced rally enthusiasts. If it is determined that you used excessive wheel-spin and made no effort to manage it, you will be referred to the clerk of the course and may incur a road penalty.

Can I be near another competitors team at the Service Park?

Yes. A service team form will be emailed to each team and you will be able to select who you want to be located next to.

Can I just drive into the Coachhouse Marina Resort to visit Rally HQ?

Yes, the boom gate will be open at all time’s during the rally.

I need to purchase food and supplies when I get to Batemans Bay, where is the best location to buy it?

The Bridge Plaza and Village Centre in the heart of Batemans Bay are a Rally of the Bay partner and we encourage you to visit Coles, Aldi, Woolworths and the many speciality stores to get you supplies. And while you're doing it, mention that you are with the rally so they know we are supporting the local community.

Can I buy food from rally HQ?

Yes. The Coachhouse Marina Resort is offering food package kits for Saturday Lunch and Dinner. Just call ahead and order or pop into reception on Friday to order your packs.

Will there be media attending the event? I heard that the media were not allowed.

Yes. OHM Productions will be once again providing video media for Rally NSW and also for NSSCC. There will be regular video updates on Facebook and YouTube. There will also be a small number of other media outlets covering the event, including photographers and newspapers.

I heard there is a new deal for Clubman teams where they will get two photos of their car for free, will that be available at the Rally of the Bay?

Yes. Bruce Moxon will be at the Rally of the Bay and will be providing the Clubman and HRS teams with two free photos.

Can I buy a video package for just my team?

Yes. OHM Productions will be offering a range of video packages for teams. To arrange yours, give them a call on 0413 042 763

I am from a media organisation and I want to come to the Rally of the Bay, how do I arrange it?

You need to create a Media Plan after reading the documents in the media section on this page. Once you submit your plan, you will be contacted with further details.

Can I get media exposure for my team?

Yes. NSSCC has engaged OHM Productions to provide all media services for the AMH Rally of the Bay. You can send information about your team to

UPDATE: Spectators

UPDATE: Even though there have been relaxations to COVID-19 restrictions, we regret that NSSCC are still not able to provide spectator points. In addition to COVID-19 requirements, there are additional risks and hazards created by the recent tragic bushfires, such as the potential for falling branches and trees and therefore NSW Forestry Corporation has not approved any spectator access.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there will be no official spectator points at this years event. Our COVID-19 responsibilities have meant we have had to limit gatherings.

BUT… guess what? we need Rally Officials! And a Rally Official gets the best seat in the house, right beside the action at your very own spectator point.

We need officials for road closures, control points, SOS points, service park, rally start, rally HQ and various other officials. No experience required as we’ll find a job that suits you and give you any training required to do the job, including any special requirements from our COVID-19 plan.

To register your interest or to have a conversation about volunteering, send an email to, or click the button below.

Become an Official

Grab your own spectator point, contribute to the rally community and earn free membership at one of Sydney's oldest and largest clubs!

Sign Up Now

Documents – Event Notice Board



Click to Download

COVID19 Briefing Competitors & Crew v1.1

Click to Download


Venue Plan v2.1

Click to Download

Further Regulations 001:

Event Reconnaissance

Click to Download

Further Regulations 002:

Introductory Rally Apparel Changes

Click to Download

Further Regulations 003:

Change to Starting Order Ballot AND Covid 19 Process Changes

Click to Download


Entry List as of 18/6/20

Click to Download

2019 Media Report

Click to Download

This report details the media generated from the 2019 event. You can use this document to assist in securing Sponsors etc.

Service Park Plan

Click to Download

COVID Update 1

Click to Download

Service Details and Competitor Disclaimer

Click to Download

Motorsport Australia Dual Occupant Disclaimer

Click to Download

Scrutineering Questions answered

Click to Download

Documentation reminders

Click to Download

Further Regulation 004:
Change to Event Refund Policy

Click to Download

Self Statement of Vehicle Compliance

Click to Download

Self Scrutiny Checklist

Click to Download

Seeded Entry List

Click to Download

Service Instructions

Click to Download

Further Regulations 5

Click to Download

Seeded Entry List with Classes

Click to Download


Click to Download

Service Park Layout

UPDATED 2/7 @ 9:00pm

Click to Download

Service Park Layout Notes

Updated 3/7/20 2:30pm – Competitors in Bay D4 and D6 Swapped

Click to Download

Road Book Amendment 001

Click to Download

Final Event Start List 4/7/20

Click to Download

Pace Notes

Smoothline Stage Notes Available for the 2020 Event

Smoothline Stage Notes provide rally teams with high-quality, succinct directions that are easy to digest. Crafted by one of the most successful pairings in Australian Rallying, Steve Glenney and Bernie Webb.

Tap into Steve and Bernie’s experience through Smoothline can give you the confidence to safely perform to the best of your potential while enjoying the experience.

Smoothline stage notes are now available for the 2020 Rally of the Bay. Head to the Smoothline website to order yours now. Download a sample of the notes here.

Please note: These notes are created and supplied by an external organisation under the terms of their agreement that you will need to sign. The event and the North Shore Sporting Car Club have no role in creating or supplying them.


Media Accreditation


Click to Download

COVID19 Media Plan

Click to Download

Media Plan Template

Click to Download

This is a template that can be used as a base for the Media Plan required by NSSCC

Risk Warning, Disclaimer and Indemnity

Click to Download

Service Park

Located at Corrigans Beach Reserve, Beach Road, Batehaven and proudly supported by:

Special Stages

7 stages in total covering 138.87 kilometres of the best rally roads in the country!

SS1 – Old Highway – 10.37km
SS2 – Picnic on Sproxtons – 12.99km
SS3 – Drury – 26.02km
SS4 – Follow the River – 9.45km
SS5 – Run to Mogo – 44.57km
SS6 – Drury 2 – 26.02km
SS7 – Follow the River 2 – 9.45km

Stage Partners


Results from the Rally of the Bay will be on ChrisSport and RALLYSAFE  and proudly supported by:

No Campfires Allowed

Due to high fire danger, campfires and barbecues using wood, charcoal or other solid fuel are banned.

Contacts and Organising Team

Nigel Bland

Clerk of Course/Event Manager

M: 0411 644 193

Van Nguyen

Assistant Event Secretary

P: 0428 258 555

Phil Morley

Results Manager

Please contact the Rally
Secretary for information

John Buckley

Assistant Clerk of Course

M: 0408 970 078

Howard Grove

Road Director

Please contact the Rally
Secretary for information

Sarah Bell

Competitor Relations Officer (CRO)

M: 0437 866 887

Adriana Pallister


M: 0418 611 224

Peter Batt

Chief Scrutineer

Please contact the Rally
Secretary for information

Ian Bray

COVID-19 Coordinator

Please contact the Rally
Secretary for information

Andrew Benefield

Officials Coordinator

P: 0413 389 500

Angus Fraser

Assistant Clerk of Course

Please contact the Rally
Secretary for information

John McCredie

Media Manager

M: 0413 042 763